This is the latest Mercadona cheese with which it tries to repeat the success of the old toast

Part of Mercadona’s success is due to its good work with cheeses. A product that, under the banner of Entrepinares, has always been recognized and that reached its culmination with the old toast awarded as one of the best in the world by the World Cheese Awards 2018. However, the difficulty of making this variety led to a withdrawal from the chain’s shelves and with it a complaint from consumers. Something that Juan Roig supermarkets are already trying to solve (with a production growth of 122% since 2019), as well as with another product with a similar good reception: the intense flavor old cheese.

Due to the massive demand and that it needs 10 months to mature, Mercadona was forced to remove from its catalog the old toasted cheese that raised its dairy products to world glory. A huge loss for lovers of this food, which while it has already regained its presence on the chain’s shelves, has found a substitute, or complement, at a bargain price.

The Valencian chain has decided to bet its sales on the cheese that is most similar to the old toasted one. A , from the brand , which has found a good reception among Mercadona regulars. Originating in Palencia, this cheese is made with raw cow’s milk (70%), sheep’s milk (15%) and goat’s milk (5%), in addition to salt, rennet and dairy ferments.

This old intense flavor is matured for between six and nine months

Listed by experts in this field as one of the best flavors in the world, this product is aged for between six and nine months, with a fat content of 33.7 grams of fat per 100 grams. In addition, it also contains 2.25 grams of carbohydrates, 24.8 grams of protein, and 1.99 grams and an energy value that rises to 411 kilocalories.

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The kilo comes out to 8 euros

All to achieve a new success in sales that is explained, above all, by its incredible price. For only 8 euros per kilo, each unit costs 12.8 euros (it is sold only in half wedges with an approximate weight of 1.6 kilos), to try to get Valle de San Juan the next Mercadona award and to make forget, until his return, the longed-for dairy product from Entrepinares.

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