Warning to Wallapop sellers: this is the scam that is becoming popular through Bizum

With an increase in cybercrime attempts, the company is constantly working to reduce the dangers that exist on the Internet. Even more so for trusting users, the latest warning has been raised on applications for the sale of second-hand items such as Wallapop or Milanuncios.

New popularized scam in sight that this time brings together two highly encouraged tasks in recent years. Both the exchange of products between individuals and electronic payment have gained fame, to the point of being one of the preferred options for purchasing an item, just as Bizum has become an application that grows without limits.

And it is that with more than 18 million users, the dangers of using this service have increased at the rate of its popularity. Due to its ease of exchanging money, cybercriminals try to take advantage of it to obtain economic profit.

This is the scam that brings Wallapop and Bizum together

Thus, on platforms such as Wallapop and Milanuncios it has been seen in recent months how a totally legitimate sale ends in a theft of money that is difficult to solve. Through the same platform, the criminal becomes interested in a product for sale by a private individual, gains their trust by showing the desire to buy it, and then seizes the product as well as the seller’s money.

All through Bizum and with the option to request money. A service that the cybercriminal sends to the seller, instead of making the transfer, in order to take advantage of the seller’s overconfidence and accept the request as if he believed it to be a shipment. Already with the money in his possession, the scammer escapes without leaving a trace, also making it difficult to report and later return the money to the scammed person.

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This type of money theft is very difficult to revoke as the scammed person accepted the money transfer

And it is that when accepting a money transfer by Bizum, this is done automatically and with all the guarantees that the user has given his approval to such operation. For this reason, the complaint is more complicated, to which the different supervisory institutions try to alert so that more attention is paid to this type of operation.

If you have been a victim of such a crime, the police always recommend contacting the bank as soon as possible to try to block or reverse the operation. In addition, applications such as Wallapop have a direct and secure payment platform, through which the shipment can be made with full guarantee.

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