What photos to upload to Instagram and which are prohibited

Instagram has changed a lot since its birth. Not in the aesthetic sense but rather in the practical sense. It is no longer a photo sharing application that we turn to if we want to gossip about someone, nor is it just about make our personal memory album. Now it is an (almost) obligatory showcase for celebrities, entrepreneurs, large and small brands and, of course, influencers.

That is why one of the big changes on Instagram has been precisely . This social network is now a large shopping center open to the world.

So, at this time when if you want to be someone in the online world you have to have an Instagram profile full of good content, it becomes super necessary. establish a strategy to decide what content to upload to Instagram.

How important will it be? select posts perfect that the majority of agencies and Communication and Brand companies already work as another part of the business Instagram look and feel.

By the way, if you dedicate yourself to the world of social networks or plan to spend several (many) hours browsing your applications, make sure .

What content to upload to Instagram

The truth is that there is no written rule about this. In fact, if you have seen the Instagram profiles of fashion brands, design or aesthetic themes such as flowers and cute things, you will have realized that the square photo format is starting to die, or at least to be a hybrid. Now many accounts are betting on showing the complete image, whatever its format, or even keep the vertical both in the feed like in Stories.

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So, before deciding which photos to post on Instagram, we recommend that you take a look at the accounts you follow, or those of your competition if you are a brand, and look for a way to differentiate yourself.

In general The photos that are most successful on Instagram are the natural ones or personal. Even if you are a brand, it is always a plus if your audience can identify with you. Empathy is a good source of sales.

If you like work on a content strategy to upload to Instagram It is best that it be varied. That is, neither post all the photos with a general shot nor post them with a super detailed shot. The ideal is that both coexist and that some help us zoom in on some detail, while the others make your feed breathe and don’t feel overloaded.

Whether you manage a company’s networks, your own personal brand or a private person who wants have a feed attractive and balanced Instagram, bet on a range of colors. If you are a brand and you have already studied and developed your color palettes, try to transfer it to your photos.

Include details of those colors in your images and creates a common thread in all of them. If you don’t have defined colors, try always use the same filter or edit them in the same way. This will help you feed of Instagram is much more balanced.

But well, as we told you at the beginning, There is no written rule about the content you have to upload to Instagram or, rather, about the aesthetics of those contents. So, try and have fun with your publications. If maintaining one tone in all your publications seems like an absolute hassle, change the chip completely and make your photos a real festival. It is possible that, if you are so different, you will succeed.

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What to upload to Instagram stories

Instagram stories have been a revolution. I’m sure you have one greater interaction in your Stories that in the photos of your feed, unless you are a mega influencer and you are killing it whatever you do and publish wherever you publish. Otherwise, Don’t forget Instagram stories!

Now is when the million dollar question comes… What stories to upload to Instagram? Well, here the recommendation is that you be super dynamic and fresh. Interaction with your community is super rich if you take advantage of the options that Instagram stories give you: surveys, questions and answers, filters… Are very dynamic publications that will help you stay connected.

Content that you can publish on your Instagram stories and that usually succeed more than Coca Cola are tips, live videos, tricks, how to do something or things you are doing or watching practically in real time. The recommendation in these cases is that, if you are going to upload a video to Stories, always try to put a text that summarizes what you are talking about. So that? Keep in mind that not everyone has the volume connected 24/7, they can ride the Metro without headphones or they can’t see it at that moment for whatever reason. If you tell him what you are talking about with a text, you are capturing his attention so that he returns to your video when he can listen to it and see it properly.

Generally, if you upload more than one story on the same day, The last one you upload will receive more visits than the first. Keep this in mind when ordering your posts.

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What can’t be posted on Instagram

In the case of the “banned” posts on Instagram Yes, there are some written rules that can penalize you. When we say penalize we mean censor.

There are several images that cannot be published on Instagram and are basically governed by these points:

  • Plagiarized images or are not your property.
  • Nudes or explicit sexual images. This topic often generates controversy, especially because a woman can take a photo while breastfeeding, but not showing her breast. The same thing happens when a boy goes out without a shirt, but a girl cannot pose naked.
  • Images that promote violence towards oneself or another individual or terrorism.

There are other publications that, although they can be published on Instagram, recommend you or give you the option of categorize as sensitive content. In this way, it is the user who decides whether or not he wants to see that image. If you follow accounts from animal protection associations or media outlets, you may have been able to see these types of messages.

If you have a life, and you don’t want to live subject to publication times, remember that you can .

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