Wordle in Spanish today May 27, 2022 (141): clues and solution

It is the game of fashion in the networks. Overnight, it became a worldwide hit. So much so that paying more than a million dollars to its creator, Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn.

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The original game (there are more versions) consists of guessing a word that is in the RAE made up of five letters each day, in a maximum of six attempts. The fact that the word is the same for everyone, makes competition between friends or family appear.

How to play Wordle?

To play Wordle you just have to go to wordle.danielfrg.com. It is a platform that does not require any type of registration nor does it have advertising and which we can access from both the computer and any mobile device. The user does not need, therefore, to have an application or program installed.

To find the term we are looking for, the game offers clues, although in no case will they be about its meaning. The clues appear in the form of colors through which it is informed whether or not the proposed letter is within the word, once ‘enter’ is pressed.

If the letter appears in green, it means that you have guessed it right and it is in the word and it is also in the box of the word we are looking for. If the letter is colored yellow, it is because it is in the word, but not in the correct position. Finally, if the letter appears in gray it is because you have not guessed right and it is not in the word.

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At first, you are faced with a blank grid that gradually fills in. Through the clues and trying to carry out a good strategy to try to discover the greatest number of different letters in each attempt, you will find the keyword.

When a letter isn’t in the word, it’s also disabled from the keyboard so you don’t mistakenly miss an opportunity. Also, keep in mind that there are letters that can appear twice in the searched word.

Solution and clues to Wordle’s challenge 141

Are you having trouble finding the word for today, Friday, May 27? Think twice, because the term you are looking for is easier than we might think. We give you some clues before you definitely throw in the towel. They are the following:

– Begins with a vowel and ends with a consonant.

– It only has two vowels.

– It is related to numbers.

You give up? Don’t worry. We give you the solution. The word we had to get to is ‘ODD’. As we all know, it means that it has no pair. The second definition of the RAE is as follows: “Said of an organ: that does not correspond symmetrically to another equal”.

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There are tricks or shortcuts to get to guess the word of the Wordle without losing opportunities foolishly. It is best to try frequently used consonants like ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘M’ or words with multiple vowels like ‘ideas’, attic’ or ‘audio’.

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