The Wingdings Alphabet: Copy and Paste + Translator

Wingdings is a typographic font created by designers Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow for Microsoft in 1990 under the official name of Lucida Icons, Arrows, and Stars. Renowned Wingdings in 1992, it was distributed in the TrueType format in all editions of the Windows operating system from version 3.1.

Instead of the traditional alphanumeric characters, Wingdings displays groups of graphic signs such as arrows, emoticons, pictograms, geometric shapes, religious and zodiac symbols, and typographic ornaments.

Wingdings Alphabet
Wingdings Alphabet

Copy and Paste Wingdings Characters

‘ ’‘ ’Space
!🖉Lower left pencil
✂Black scissors
#✁Upper blade scissors
%🕭Ringing bell
(🕿Black touchtone telephone
)✆Telephone location sign
*🖂Back of envelope
+🖃Stamped envelope
,📪Closed mailbox with lowered flag
📫Closed mailbox with raised flag
.📬Open mailbox with raised flag
/📭Open mailbox with lowered flag
0📁File folder
1📂Open file folder
2📄Page facing up
5🗄File cabinet
7🖮Wired keyboard
8🖰Two button mouse
:🖳Old personal computer
;🖴Hard disk
<🖫White hard shell floppy disk
=🖬Soft shell floppy disk
>✇Tape drive
?✍Writing hand
@🖎Left writing hand
A✌Victory hand
B👌OK hand sign
C👍Thumbs up sign
D👎Thumbs down sign
E☜White left pointing index
F☞White right pointing index
G☝White up pointing index
H☟White down pointing index
I🖐Raised hand with fingers splayed
J☺White smiling face
K😐Neutral face
L☹White frowning face
N☠Skull and crossbones
O🏳Waving white flag
P🏱White pennant
R☼White sun with rays
U🕆White Latin cross
V✞Shadowed white Latin cross
W🕈Celtic cross
X✠Maltese cross
Y✡Star of David
Z☪Star and crescent
[☯Yin Yang
\ॐDevanagari Om
]☸Wheel of Dharma
j🙰Script ligature et ornament
k🙵Swash ampersand ornament
l●Black circle
m🔾Lower right shadowed white circle
n■Black square
o□White square
p🞐Bold white square
q❑Lower right shadowed white square
r❒Upper right shadowed white square
s⬧Black medium lozenge
t⧫Black lozenge
u◆Black diamond
v❖Black diamond minus white X
w⬥Black medium diamond
x⌧X in a rectangle box
y⮹Up arrowhead in a rectangle box
z⌘Place of interest sign
|🏶Black rosette
}🙶Sans-serif heavy double turned comma quotation mark ornament
~🙷Sans-serif heavy double comma quotation mark ornament
€⓪Circled digit zero
①Circled digit one
‚②Circled digit two
ƒ③Circled digit three
„④Circled digit four
…⑤Circled digit five
†⑥Circled digit six
‡⑦Circled digit seven
ˆ⑧Circled digit eight
‰⑨Circled digit nine
Š⑩Circled number ten
‹⓿Negative circled digit zero
Œ❶Dingbat negative circled digit one
❷Dingbat negative circled digit two
Ž❸Dingbat negative circled digit three
❹Dingbat negative circled digit four
❺Dingbat negative circled digit five
‘❻Dingbat negative circled digit six
’❼Dingbat negative circled digit seven
“❽Dingbat negative circled digit eight
”❾Dingbat negative circled digit nine
•❿Dingbat negative circled number ten
–🙢North east pointing bud
—🙠North west pointing bud
˜🙡South west pointing bud
™🙣South east pointing bud
š🙞Heavy north east pointing vine leaf
›🙜Heavy north west pointing vine leaf
œ🙝Heavy south west pointing vine leaf
🙟Heavy south east pointing vine leaf
ž·Middle dot
▪Black small square
¡⚪Medium white circle
¢🞆Heavy large circle
£🞈Very heavy white circle
¦🔿Upper right shadowed white circle
§▪Black small square
¨◻White medium square
©🟂Three pointed black star
ª✦Black four pointed star
«★Black star
¬✶Six pointed black star
­✴Eight pointed black star
®✹Twelve pointed black star
¯✵Eight pointed pinwheel star
°⯐Square position indicator
±⌖Position indicator
²⟡White concave-sided diamond
³⌑Square lozenge
´⯑Uncertainty sign
µ✪Circled white star
¶✰Shadowed white star
·🕐Clock face one oclock
¸🕑Clock face two oclock
¹🕒Clock face three oclock
º🕓Clock face four oclock
»🕔Clock face five oclock
¼🕕Clock face six oclock
½🕖Clock face seven oclock
¾🕗Clock face eight oclock
¿🕘Clock face nine oclock
À🕙Clock face ten oclock
Á🕚Clock face eleven oclock
Â🕛Clock face twelve oclock
Ã⮰Ribbon arrow down left
Ä⮱Ribbon arrow down right
Å⮲Ribbon arrow up left
Æ⮳Ribbon arrow up right
Ç⮴Ribbon arrow left up
È⮵Ribbon arrow right up
É⮶Ribbon arrow left down
Ê⮷Ribbon arrow right down
Ë🙪Solid quilt square ornament
Ì🙫Solid quilt square ornament in black square
Í🙕Turned south west pointing leaf
Î🙔Turned north west pointing leaf
Ï🙗Turned south east pointing leaf
Ð🙖Turned north east pointing leaf
Ñ🙐North west pointing leaf
Ò🙑South west pointing leaf
Ó🙒North east pointing leaf
Ô🙓South east pointing leaf
Õ⌫Erase to the left
Ö⌦Erase to the right
×⮘Three-D top-lighted leftwards equilateral arrowhead
Ø⮚Three-D top-lighted rightwards equilateral arrowhead
Ù⮙Three-D right-lighted upwards equilateral arrowhead
Ú⮛Three-D left-lighted downwards equilateral arrowhead
Û⮈Leftwards black circled white arrow
Ü⮊Rightwards black circled white arrow
Ý⮉Upwards black circled white arrow
Þ⮋Downwards black circled white arrow
ß🡨Wide-headed leftwards barb arrow
à🡪Wide-headed rightwards barb arrow
á🡩Wide-headed upwards barb arrow
â🡫Wide-headed downwards barb arrow
ã🡬Wide-headed north west barb arrow
ä🡭Wide-headed north east barb arrow
å🡯Wide-headed south west barb arrow
æ🡮Wide-headed south east barb arrow
ç🡸Wide-headed leftwards heavy barb arrow
è🡺Wide-headed rightwards heavy barb arrow
é🡹Wide-headed upwards heavy barb arrow
ê🡻Wide-headed downwards heavy barb arrow
ë🡼Wide-headed north west heavy barb arrow
ì🡽Wide-headed north east heavy barb arrow
í🡿Wide-headed south west heavy barb arrow
î🡾Wide-headed south east heavy barb arrow
ï⇦Leftwards white arrow
ð⇨Rightwards white arrow
ñ⇧Upwards white arrow
ò⇩Downwards white arrow
ó⬄Left right white arrow
ô⇳Up down white arrow
õ⬀North east white arrow
ö⬁North west white arrow
÷⬃South west white arrow
ø⬂South east white arrow
ù🢬White arrow shaft width one
ú🢭White arrow shaft width two thirds
û🗶Ballot bold script X
ü✔Heavy check mark
ý🗷Ballot box with bold script X
þ🗹Ballot box with bold check
Wingdings List

The family was later expanded with two new versions, Wingding 2 and Wingdings 3, which provided a wider range of symbols and icons. It includes graphics of all types, from computer software such as folders, files, mail, printer or mouse, to religion, astrology, interface, ornaments, etc.

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One of Wingdings’ most prominent controversies was the discovery, days after it came to light with Windows 3.1, that the sequence of characters “NYC” corresponded to the symbols of a skull, star of David and a hand with a thumbs up gesture. This was interpreted by some as approving the killing of Jews in New York. Microsoft flatly denied the intentionality of this by insisting that the symbols had been randomly ordered. Later, with the launch of another typeface of symbols, the Webdings, the characters “NYC” would correspond to an eye, a heart and the silhouette of a city, which could be interpreted as “I love New York”, and that Microsoft would confirm Which this time was intentional.

Wingdings Emoji List

Wingdings Emoji List

There is also an urban legend related to the attacks on the Twin Towers of September 11, 2001. This legend says that if you write the sequence “Q33NY” in Wingdings, the letter “Q” becomes an airplane, the three are two pages Of documents but also resemble two buildings and the “N” and “Y” in a skull and star of David. The resulting graph shows how a plane will hit the World Trade Center with a message of death to the Jews. The acronym “Q33” supposedly was the designation of one of the airplanes. Anyway, this theory is not valid because the attack was not directed specifically to the Jews and none of the aircraft used that day had the denomination “Q33”. It was also commented that the “Q33” was a reference to a bus route that could go to the World Trade Center or to one of the airports involved. In fact, route “Q33” goes to the airport of LaGuadia and none of the hijacked aircraft took off or was going there.

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Like these, there are many other legends related to the Wingdings font family although, in reality, they are only coincidences. This typography even has a club of enthusiasts (the Wingdings Club, at the University of Michigan) which intends to spread the Wingdings code language.

Wingdings Alphabet

Click on the image below to see the complete Wingdings Symbols Chart:

Wingdings Alphabet

Wingdings Alphabet

Wingdings Translator

Check out the Online Wingdings Translator to convert any text to and from Wingdings font. Just enter the text in the “Arial” box and see how it automatically translates into Wingdings on the “Wingdings” box. You can also paste any text that you want to decode from Wingdings on that box and instantly see it translated into the more readable Arial font.

Other Fun Facts

  • The numbers 1 to 5 are mostly office items.
  • A fact not widely recognized is that the icons, symbols, arrows, asterisks, and geometric glyphs in Microsoft’s Wingdings fonts were originally designed as Lucida Icons, Arrows, and Stars, so the characters harmonize with Lucida Sans and Lucida Bright designs. Those three Lucida symbol fonts were purchased by Microsoft, who remapped the keyboard layouts and changed the names to Wingdings, but the symbols still harmonize with Lucida fonts.
  • In the PC video game “Undertale“, created by Toby Fox, a character called W.D. Gaster speaks in an encrypted form using only Wingdings.

Wingdings Chart WD Gaster

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