Wingdings Character List: ALL Characters Listed in the Wingdings Set

This Wingdings list includes all the characters in the original Wingdings font released by Windows in 1990. This list includes all the Wingdings symbols in the alphabet and on the keyboard map.

This character set includes numbers, letters, punctuation marks, and special symbols that can be used in the Wingdings Online Translator as well as in a printer, or in a coding method, to type in Wingdings.

Wingdings List of Characters

Use this Wingdings list to easily copy and paste into your own text messages or public posts.

‘ ’‘ ’Space
!🖉Lower left pencil
Black scissors
#Upper blade scissors
%🕭Ringing bell
(🕿Black touchtone telephone
)Telephone location sign
*🖂Back of envelope
+🖃Stamped envelope
,📪Closed mailbox with lowered flag
📫Closed mailbox with raised flag
.📬Open mailbox with raised flag
/📭Open mailbox with lowered flag
0📁File folder
1📂Open file folder
2📄Page facing up
5🗄File cabinet
7🖮Wired keyboard
8🖰Two button mouse
:🖳Old personal computer
;🖴Hard disk
<🖫White hard shell floppy disk
=🖬Soft shell floppy disk
>Tape drive
?Writing hand
@🖎Left writing hand
AVictory hand
B👌OK hand sign
C👍Thumbs up sign
D👎Thumbs down sign
EWhite left pointing index
FWhite right pointing index
GWhite up pointing index
HWhite down pointing index
I🖐Raised hand with fingers splayed
JWhite smiling face
K😐Neutral face
LWhite frowning face
NSkull and crossbones
O🏳Waving white flag
P🏱White pennant
RWhite sun with rays
U🕆White Latin cross
VShadowed white Latin cross
W🕈Celtic cross
XMaltese cross
YStar of David
ZStar and crescent
[Yin Yang
\Devanagari Om
]Wheel of Dharma
j🙰Script ligature et ornament
k🙵Swash ampersand ornament
lBlack circle
m🔾Lower right shadowed white circle
nBlack square
oWhite square
p🞐Bold white square
qLower right shadowed white square
rUpper right shadowed white square
sBlack medium lozenge
tBlack lozenge
uBlack diamond
vBlack diamond minus white X
wBlack medium diamond
xX in a rectangle box
yUp arrowhead in a rectangle box
zPlace of interest sign
|🏶Black rosette
}🙶Sans-serif heavy double turned comma quotation mark ornament
~🙷Sans-serif heavy double comma quotation mark ornament
Circled digit zero
Circled digit one
Circled digit two
ƒCircled digit three
Circled digit four
Circled digit five
Circled digit six
Circled digit seven
ˆCircled digit eight
Circled digit nine
ŠCircled number ten
Negative circled digit zero
ŒDingbat negative circled digit one
Dingbat negative circled digit two
ŽDingbat negative circled digit three
Dingbat negative circled digit four
Dingbat negative circled digit five
Dingbat negative circled digit six
Dingbat negative circled digit seven
Dingbat negative circled digit eight
Dingbat negative circled digit nine
Dingbat negative circled number ten
🙢North east pointing bud
🙠North west pointing bud
˜🙡South west pointing bud
🙣South east pointing bud
š🙞Heavy north east pointing vine leaf
🙜Heavy north west pointing vine leaf
œ🙝Heavy south west pointing vine leaf
🙟Heavy south east pointing vine leaf
ž·Middle dot
Black small square
¡Medium white circle
¢🞆Heavy large circle
£🞈Very heavy white circle
¦🔿Upper right shadowed white circle
§Black small square
¨White medium square
©🟂Three pointed black star
ªBlack four pointed star
«Black star
¬Six pointed black star
­Eight pointed black star
®Twelve pointed black star
¯Eight pointed pinwheel star
°Square position indicator
±Position indicator
²White concave-sided diamond
³Square lozenge
´Uncertainty sign
µCircled white star
Shadowed white star
·🕐Clock face one oclock
¸🕑Clock face two oclock
¹🕒Clock face three oclock
º🕓Clock face four oclock
»🕔Clock face five oclock
¼🕕Clock face six oclock
½🕖Clock face seven oclock
¾🕗Clock face eight oclock
¿🕘Clock face nine oclock
À🕙Clock face ten oclock
Á🕚Clock face eleven oclock
Â🕛Clock face twelve oclock
ÃRibbon arrow down left
ÄRibbon arrow down right
ÅRibbon arrow up left
ÆRibbon arrow up right
ÇRibbon arrow left up
ÈRibbon arrow right up
ÉRibbon arrow left down
ÊRibbon arrow right down
Ë🙪Solid quilt square ornament
Ì🙫Solid quilt square ornament in black square
Í🙕Turned south west pointing leaf
Î🙔Turned north west pointing leaf
Ï🙗Turned south east pointing leaf
Ð🙖Turned north east pointing leaf
Ñ🙐North west pointing leaf
Ò🙑South west pointing leaf
Ó🙒North east pointing leaf
Ô🙓South east pointing leaf
ÕErase to the left
ÖErase to the right
×Three-D top-lighted leftwards equilateral arrowhead
ØThree-D top-lighted rightwards equilateral arrowhead
ÙThree-D right-lighted upwards equilateral arrowhead
ÚThree-D left-lighted downwards equilateral arrowhead
ÛLeftwards black circled white arrow
ÜRightwards black circled white arrow
ÝUpwards black circled white arrow
ÞDownwards black circled white arrow
ß🡨Wide-headed leftwards barb arrow
à🡪Wide-headed rightwards barb arrow
á🡩Wide-headed upwards barb arrow
â🡫Wide-headed downwards barb arrow
ã🡬Wide-headed north west barb arrow
ä🡭Wide-headed north east barb arrow
å🡯Wide-headed south west barb arrow
æ🡮Wide-headed south east barb arrow
ç🡸Wide-headed leftwards heavy barb arrow
è🡺Wide-headed rightwards heavy barb arrow
é🡹Wide-headed upwards heavy barb arrow
ê🡻Wide-headed downwards heavy barb arrow
ë🡼Wide-headed north west heavy barb arrow
ì🡽Wide-headed north east heavy barb arrow
í🡿Wide-headed south west heavy barb arrow
î🡾Wide-headed south east heavy barb arrow
ïLeftwards white arrow
ðRightwards white arrow
ñUpwards white arrow
òDownwards white arrow
óLeft right white arrow
ôUp down white arrow
õNorth east white arrow
öNorth west white arrow
÷South west white arrow
øSouth east white arrow
ù🢬White arrow shaft width one
ú🢭White arrow shaft width two thirds
û🗶Ballot bold script X
üHeavy check mark
ý🗷Ballot box with bold script X
þ🗹Ballot box with bold check
Wingdings List

Fun Facts about Wingdings

There are many fonts like Wingdings that include lists of symbols, including the Wingding and Webdings series. The first of these fonts – the Wingding fonts – were designed before Internet encoding had been developed. This means that the previous symbol fonts used on websites are displayed as alternate or broken symbols. To solve these problems, Webdings was specifically designed to work with Internet code standards.

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English to Wingdings Converter

Use the English to Wingdings Translator to type in Wingdings symbols. Some of the symbols in the Wingdings font are explained here:

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