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Second installment related to Adobe XD. a list with 5 of the best UI Kits to download for free that surely at some point we will all need.

Adobe XD, or Adobe Experience Design, is a tool that can be downloaded for free from Adobe’s own website. It allows you to create quickly and easily.

5 UI Kits to download for free from Adobe XD

Here is a list of the 5 UI Kits that you will surely need at some point. These include the most up-to-date versions of Google’s Material Design and Apple’s iOS Human Interface (iOS 14).

1. Google UI Material Design Kit for Adobe XD (Official)

Google has recently updated its UI Kit for Adobe XD. This UI Kit includes all the elements that make up the design, including the light and dark symbols for the status bars, application bars, bottom navigation bar, Google Cards, dropdown menus, Google search field and other components.

Most of the main objects, like buttons or icons, are already saved as symbols, which is quite useful.

The latest version of Google’s Material Design UI Kit can be downloaded from the official site.

2. Adobe XD UI Kit for iOS 14 (Official)

This is the official iOS 14 UI Kit for Adobe XD designed by Apple and can be downloaded from the official site.

It has more than 100 components that meet Apple’s defined Human Interface guidelines. On the official page there are also resources to download the interface components for macOS, WatchOS and tvOS.

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3. Amazon Alexa UI Kit for Adobe XD (Susse Sonderby)

This UI kit is designed for Amazon Alexa with customizable colors, fonts, components, and templates.

This free UI Kit also includes voice prototypes using voice triggers and responses. (showcasing the new voice prototyping feature included in the latest version of Adobe XD).

4. Free Starter UI Kit (Petr Bilek)

A free Basic Starter UI Kit for Adobe XD, containing over 80 web-based components and many features to ease the process of building web applications.

Adobe XD – Starter Kit is a UI kit based on core web components to help get you started designing web applications.

5. Neomorphism style UI components (Victor Stoyanov)

It seems that this type of design, the Neomorphism, is hitting quite hard. In this Free UI Kit you can find a collection of elements and components of the user interface following the Neomorphism UI design trend with a dark touch for Adobe XD.


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