Europe’s stock markets look askance at their supports before the Federal Reserve’s decision

Today’s interest rate decision will have all eyes on investors and analysts. The forecasts of the experts point to a rise in the price of money of 0.75%, given the knowledge of the latest published in the North American country. In this context, the futures of the Western stock markets point to an opening of the day with a mixed cut, with declines in Europe and lukewarm increases that would contrast with the session of resounding losses seen today in Asia.

And it is that, in the eastern market, the red numbers have predominated in the last hours, leaving falls of 1% or more in the main stock markets of the region.

Despite the nervousness that has been unleashed in recent hours by the imminent , the selling pressure seen in the European markets that presents the 3,450 points, which is the support that has been pointed out since as key in the upward trend of the continental stock markets of looking forward to the next few weeks.

In addition, the German DAX also remains above 12,400 points and manages to remain above the key support of 7,765 points, which are other references that are watched in Europe since their transfer would open the door to falls of 10%.

“As long as the chances that we can witness a bullish counterattack are not lost, they will remain intact, without prejudice to the fact that for us to trust in it, which is where the bearish guideline that arises from uniting the highs of May and August runs, and “, clarifies Joan Cabrero, technical analyst and adviser to .

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New dollar highs

The US dollar faces the hours prior to the decision on interest rates that will be adopted today with new increases that favor the new highs of the Dollar Index, which brings together the evolution of the most traded currencies on the planet against the greenback. Expert forecasts point to a rise in the price of money of 0.75%, given the knowledge of the last , something that is weighing on the yankee currency and causing it to move away from .

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