Facebook publications: 4 keys to add followers

Do you already have great content to post on your business page and start turning followers into customers? Now, it’s time to distribute that content.

Do not rush to publish everything together: it is better that you control your anxiety and plan carefully what you are going to share.

To help you come up with your schedule, we have some practical tips that can help you a lot. Look!

Identify the best days and times

Every social network has moments of greater reach, in which users are available or very willing to navigate and interact.

There’s no official day and time, as those trends change all the time, but a HubSpot study suggests that the ideal is to make your publications between 13 and 15 hours.

Doing that, however, depends a lot on your demand. If you have three pieces of content for the same day, for example, condensing them into that narrow time slot will mean that none of them can really stand out.

Therefore, initially try posting in different time periods: morning/afternoon/night on weekdays and weekends. It will be your audience that determines when the best opportunities occur, so experiment with different schedules and analyze which ones generate the greatest return.

I distributed the topics

By distributing different content throughout the day, make sure you maintain a diversity of topics.

Group posts into different categories, thinking about what people and goals you want to achieve with each of them. It is important that you ask yourself:

  • Is the content for those who already follow the page or to encourage new followers?
  • What kind of information is it: product presentation, news, the answer to a question or something else?
  • What is the format of that content: video, image or text?
  • When clicking on the link, will the user be redirected? What type of conversion do I expect on the landing page?
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With those answers in mind, separate the content and insert the publications of each category.

For example, you can post a video in the morning, a product presentation in the afternoon, and a news story with an image in the evening. The advice is never post the same type of information/format repeatedly.

Create a calendar

One tool that can make a big difference in keeping track of posts is the calendar. It can give much greater visibility to the content you are going to launch and guarantees that everything will be uploaded at the most appropriate time.

There are several ways to make yours: separating by day/time, format, theme, type of call to action, etc. Analyze what is the best way to organize the content and Build your calendar in the way that is most intuitive for you.

As a base you can use Google Calendar, an Excel sheet or some .

Schedule the posts

Is your calendar ready? Now is the time to schedule all the posts in order to save time and prevent possible unforeseen events from delaying your publications.

inside of you fan pageyou have to write a post, click on the arrow next to “Publish” and then on “Schedule”.

In the window that will open, choose a day and time for that publication. Finally, click on “Schedule” and voila! The posting will be scheduled until the moment you chose for it to be published arrives.


If you have already planned and scheduled the posts for your page, your work does not end there: the next step is follow the response of the public to understand how your strategy is working.

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Analyze if the chosen periods were good, if the distribution of content is effective and if your followers really interact with the publications.

A last tip: Change your strategy whenever you need to and don’t be afraid to try new things!

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