Growth Hacking Course #3. Pirate Funnel 1: Acquisition – .com

In the third class of the Growth Hacking course we are going to see the Acquisition stage, within the Pirate Funnel.

As we have seen, the Pirate Funnel consists of 5 stages, and Acquisition is the first. For this, the objective is to get the user to our digital assets, and as you can imagine, the possibilities are endless (or almost).

In this lesson we will learn how to find the most profitable acquisition channel for the company and we will see and learn about all those that exist within the Growth Hacking method. Let’s see how we get our customers!

As you have seen, the pirate funnel starts from a moment in which aspects such as branding or brand awareness are already taken for granted, thus making the model much more aggressive commercially speaking.

And this is thanks to the fact that with the arrival of the digital world we can get our message across by segmenting all Internet users based on different variables that we consider. In this way, we do not need to work so much on the Branding of the brand in order to be relevant in the market.

Also, in this lesson we have known the Star Metric of the Acquisition stage. And it is that as in the entire model, we must always set those star metrics on which we have to work so that they are increasingly optimized.

Later we have seen the 18 acquisition channels that apply to the Growth Hacking method. It is far from necessary that you all learn, but it may be relevant that you have that slide at hand when you want to implement a new user acquisition hack.

Finally we have known in which categories these 18 acquisition channels can be adjusted. In this way we can have a simpler categorization of the 18 acquisition possibilities that we have seen previously. And it is that this class would not make sense if we did not see how to build a profitable and scalable acquisition model over time.

I hope you are finding it interesting, and in order to reinforce knowledge, we encourage you to continue building that Sales Funnel of the .com model, but now looking at the Acquisition phase and applying all the ideas we have seen in this class.

If you have any doubt or question, you can send it through the support form of the subscriber intranet. See you in the next lesson! 🙂

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