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In the fifth class of the iCloud for business course we are going to see how to manage and synchronize our contacts in the cloud between devices and accounts.

5.1 – Contacts in iCloud

Relax, we are not going to teach you how to manage a contact list, because by now we are sure that you already know how to do it. But there are some very interesting peculiarities that we should take into account, and which are specific to iCloud.

So we are going to see in parallel, both on Mac and iPhone, how it works, how they are synchronized and how we manage these contacts easily.

Of special interest is the possibility of working in groups and smart groups, like the ones we have seen of “customers” and “suppliers”, and the pros and cons of having them in the cloud instead of on the phone.

As you have seen, the synchronization is immediate, both between devices and between applications, as in the case that we have seen with mail or calendar. And with Emilcar’s little tricks and shortcuts, we will get much more out of it.

5.2 – Relationship between contacts and mail in iCloud

Among all the integrations that contacts have with the rest of the tools in the iCloud suite, the one between contacts and mail is especially interesting. We are going to see how exactly it works, and we will see what features we should take into consideration.

So, you can see that although we can only find certain settings in contacts, they affect all applications, such as the case of “Contacts found in applications”, which have a scope far beyond mail.

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Be very careful with this optionbecause we have already seen that if we deactivate it, we are removing the database.

And with this we end the class. For any doubt, question or suggestion, you can use the “Support” form of the , and Emilcar will answer you with delight ­čÖé

Remember that if you will have access to everybody the courses and you can also enjoy everything from .

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