Ingenico ePayments

What is Ingenico ePayments

With more than 250,000 companies around the world as customers, Ingenico ePayments is the online and mobile commerce division of the Ingenico Group. A team of professionals specialized in developing the online payment solutions that companies need in order to offer users from all over the world the shopping experience they expect when they decide to buy over the Internet. A world-class company that has a notable presence in Spain.

As he explained to us at the time of Ingenico ePayments, «Spain is a very important market for the Group, since the average share in the face-to-face payment environment is above 90% in Retail and 60% in Banking. In addition, it is the owner and manager of the largest network of service stations in Spain, the H24 network, and national leaders in the sale of mobile balance top-ups at service stations for the main mobile telephone operators in Spain and Portugal».

Ingenico ePayments: a wide range of products and services

The truth is that Ingenico has a wide range of products and services, ranging from the typical store payment terminal, mobile terminal, etc. to complex omnichannel solutions for payments, allowing you to manage online and face-to-face payments through a single interface, with all the benefits that this type of solution brings to businesses (reporting, reconciliation, big data, etc.)

Ingenico ePayments and online payments in Marketplaces

One of the aspects in which Ingenico ePayments stands out is its ability to respond to the large number of special needs required by the management of

A basic aspect, which has become more crucial with the arrival of the European directive and which requires specialized treatment. As of January 13, 2018, the PSD2 European Directive came into force, a regulatory concept that seeks to level the playing field for financial institutions and ensure the security of Internet payments.

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In this sense, Ingenico ePayments has already launched a payment solution in our country specifically developed to meet the needs that marketplaces may present

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