Interims for more than 10 years will access the square without opposition

The Congress of Deputies has validated this Wednesday the royal decree law of urgent measures for the reduction of temporary employment in public employment thanks to the support agreed with ERC, Compromís and Teruel Exists, and the abstention of the PNV and Más País-Equo-Los Green. It contemplates limiting temporary contracts to a maximum of three years, and making more than 300,000 jobs that are now temporary permanent.

In addition, the Government has agreed that the interims of the public administrations who have been occupying a structural position that has never been called for more than ten years may be awarded said position without the need to pass an opposition, but only by an assessment of merits. A last-minute addition with which the Executive has managed to carry out a vote that was initially lost but that has finally saved ERC.

This has been advanced by the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, during her defense before the plenary session of Congress of the decree law of urgent measures to reduce temporary employment in public employment, collected by Servimedia. The Government and the PSOE have negotiated until the last moment with the parliamentary groups to obtain sufficient support.

Also coming out of the negotiation, the rule will include during its processing as a bill that the autonomous communities can decide that the opposition is not eliminatory in the stabilization processes of the structural positions occupied for more than three years by interim personnel.

The validation of the norm went ahead with 170 votes in favor, 169 votes against and 8 abstentions, to then be approved for processing as a bill by 346 votes in favor, 1 vote against and 1 abstention.

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The confirmed rejection of the PP and the lack of support left the decree on the verge of repeal; CKD saves him

In the last hours, the PSOE had intensified contacts with the block with which it carried out its 2021 Budgets and facilitated the investiture of Pedro Sánchez to save the decree law from repeal.

The confirmed rejection of the PP and the lack of parliamentary support left it on the verge of repeal. The PSOE has reached the debate on the validation of the decree law with only the confirmed support of the two deputies from Nueva Canarias and the Regionalist Party of Cantabria.


The royal decree was born from an agreement between the former Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Administration, Miquel Iceta, and the CSIF, CCOO and UGT unions. The different parties reached this agreement after the pronouncements of the European Court and the Supreme Court.

Under the agreement, temporary contracts will have a maximum duration of three years and these places will have to be incorporated into public employment offers. The interim, in addition, will have a guarantee of permanence in his job as long as the selection process is underway.

For their part, the administrations must compensate the affected personnel with 20 days per year of service and up to 12 monthly payments when they extend temporary contracts beyond three years and their employment relationship is terminated. In addition, any administrative act that involves non-compliance with these maximum terms will be null and void and the appropriate responsibilities (in disciplinary, civil or even criminal matters) will be demanded from the managers.

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In parallel, the agreement contemplates “a stabilization process that will affect more than 300,000 structural positions” that are currently occupied by temporary personnel and that must be fixed before December 31, 2024 “as a non-extendable deadline”. The experience acquired in the position will be valued with up to 40% in all areas in order to opt for the selective stabilization process.

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