Mañueco calls for a “fair” mobility transition away from energy mistakes

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has demanded a transition towards the new “fair” mobility, while defending the need not to make the “mistakes” of energy,

The automotive industry is one of the main hallmarks of the productive fabric of Castilla y León. This has been highlighted by the Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who has presented, together with the Facyl cluster, the brand “Polo de la Automoción de Castilla y León”.


A milestone, in the words of Fernández Mañueco, which will mark a before and after for the enhancement of the automotive ecosystem in the Community -which he has described as “motor land”, in whose development, Junta and Facyl have worked jointly and in coordination, disseminating its values ​​and strengths: entrepreneurship and innovation, sustainability and technological progress.

The numbers speak, by themselves, of its importance in all orders, according to the president, who has pointed out that it represents 20% of the total installed manufacturing capacity at the national level; 25% of the industrial GDP of Castilla y León; and more than 50% of exports to other countries. Figures that make Castilla y León a leader and benchmark in the sector. Four assembly plants and another engine plant, 150 large suppliers and more than 35,000 jobs attest to this.

During the presentation ceremony held at the Iveco plant in Valladolid, the president indicated that the sector, which is experiencing particularly complex and uncertain times, is highly affected by the prices of energy and raw materials; stock breakage of key parts such as semiconductors; and I am in full transition towards a new mobility.

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Despite the prospects of crisis and the uncertainty of the sector, the president has stressed that the Board has industrial plans guaranteed by the main producers of the Community already defined and decided.

There is ongoing investment and expectations of job creation with new investments, including Switch Mobility, also integrated in Facyl, and work is being done with the sector to capture new energy storage and electric mobility manufacturing projects for Castilla y León, which Set the industry on the new mobility.


automotive table

On the other hand, the president has announced the convocation of the regional automotive table in the month of October, to work on the future and the competitiveness of this key sector in our economy. Members of the Social Dialogue and the FACYL Cluster will be invited.

Fernández Mañueco has assured that the transition to the new mobility, in addition to being fair, must be intelligent. “Mistakes such as those suffered in the energy sector cannot be repeated: accelerated, thoughtless and unfair”, said the president, who has stated that the Board has insisted on the difficulties that complying with the established requirements and deadlines entails for companies for European funds.

He recalled that at the Conference of Presidents he personally requested technological neutrality and adaptation of the Perte call to production needs. The changes in the bases and in the call have been insufficient, as evidenced by the fact that 80% of the budget called has been left deserted.

The president has insisted on his request to the Government of Spain to open a negotiation with the EU and reconsider the execution deadlines, reschedule objectives and make the conditions of access to funds more flexible, as well as dedicating additional funds for the automotive industry, adapted to the current situation.

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