Meet Privateaser: the new portal to organize and reserve places for group events

It is the end of the year and that is synonymous with meals and events of all kinds to celebrate the Christmas season, but in addition to the joy that this brings us, for the organizers it is also a great headache since finding the ideal place that is affordable and has all the elements we need for our group is a real hassle. But worry no more, since privateasserthe leading company in Europe for organizing events for companies is already in Spain and today we will tell you how it works.

What is PrivateAser?

it is a space reservation portal for group events, either for individuals or professionals. Through its platform you will be able to find the ideal place among a large selection of restaurants, bars and lounges, send a request and once it has been answered, you only have to confirm the reservation, always free, and all with a single click.

Although Privateaser has not invented the concept of organizing events and reserving spaces for companies, has managed to digitize it to make your life easier, a process that can be compared to the one he carried out in his day.

This was founded in 2014 by Nicolas Furlani, Alexandre Paepegaey and Raphael Kolm and after consolidating its leading position in Paris and Bordeaux, Privateaser has landed in Spain after the entry of 10 million euros in funds in 2018 with which it will continue its expansion in large European economic centers such as Madrid and Barcelona.

But how does Privateaser achieve this success? The key is behind the tool you have developed, with which companies can organize events and manage the associated costs; in the same way that it did in its time with a solution for corporate travel.

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A place for every moment

Its basis is the automation of reservation management with which money is saved but above all very valuable time for companies. So far the company has launched reservations for around 1.5 billion users.

But in addition to helping to save costs and time, its differential is that they are very careful with the choice of the premises that offer on its platform, in addition to having a great diversity of options.

While the company initially positioned itself in the B2B segment (companies, corporate events, private events, professional events), now its offer is open to both individuals and professionals from any sector.

In fact around 3,800 companies have used its platformCome in them Accenture, BNP Paribas and Amazon itself who have managed to plan their events thanks to Privateaser, which is why it is presented as event booking leader for companies.

How PrivateAser works

The operation of Privateaser is extremely simple. The company operates exclusively through is now available for events in Madrid and Barcelona.

Once you have entered it you can access a search engine in order to locate the establishment that best suits your needs or those of your company.

You can filter the results by the type of venue, the date your event will be, the number of guests, a budget per person, location and even opening or closing hours, among other services offered by the venue of your dreams.

The best of all is that you will have the free reservationsince Privateaser will be in charge of confirming availability with the venue and if you agree with the conditions and price, you will only have to close the agreement.

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So if you have to organize a company dinner, lunch or anniversary and you want to do it quickly, easily and in the best place, look no further and take advantage of the personalized and free service that Privateaser has that accompanies you throughout the process so that your event is perfect and you do not have to worry about anything.

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