Nestlé tests the success of Jungle chocolate with a version of nougat: in which supermarkets to buy it

A year ago, Nestlé revolutionized all supermarkets in Spain by returning to the shelves a product that in the 90s was all the rage in the snacks of the smallest of the house. The Jungly chocolate bar was so popular that in most of the big chains they were sold out in a matter of seconds, as if it were a golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For this reason, the Swiss multinational has once again tested the desire of its customers for this Christmas with which it is already found on some surfaces.

Are the big companies the ones that choose the consumption of the users or are they the ones who, through their tastes and demands, set the course for the brands? The eternal struggle for who rules in the market has very significant cases in food, such as that of Nestlé Jungly.

The chocolate bar with animal figures that for a decade was the favorite snack of children and not so children returned at the end of 2020, without an animal gift cardboard as before, to cause a fury rarely seen. As if it were a luxury product, this sweet sold out in all supermarkets due to high demand and was even seen on resale portals at collector prices.

The nougat mimics the flavor of the bar but has a creamy filling in addition to the characteristic biscuit of this chocolate.

But after the initial pull, the fashion faded and a year later it is common to find this tablet on almost any surface at a reasonable price, which is common in these products. However, Nestlé has returned to the fray and under the slogan #ElRetornoDeNestléJungly has designed a nougat under the structure of the tablet, ready to revolutionize Christmas.

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With milk chocolate and a creamy cookie filling, this nougat tastes very similar to the original Jungly chocolate but comes with the appearance of the quintessential Christmas sweet. In addition, the animals on its packaging are dressed in Santa Claus hats and surround the leaves of its jungle with snowflakes to give more indication of its clear commitment to the coming months.

Where to buy Nestlé Jungle nougat?

For now, not with as much fury as the one that had the return of the tablet, yes, it is being seen in some surfaces a shortage of this product. In addition, it has not yet reached all supermarkets, so the consumers who are most faithful to their childhood will have to manage to get one of these precious nougats.

At a price of 2.99 euros for a 232-gram bar, it can be found in (since last Wednesday, November 10), in and in both physical establishments and online stores. In addition, the website also shows the Nestlé Jungly nougat, although at a price of 3.05 euros.

The snack that aims to revolutionize Spanish homes at Christmas and cause a tsunami of purchases like its predecessor tablet. “As dessert, snack or whenever you want”, as Nestlé points out, who knows if this nougat will be here to stay or will be an imperative of companies without success among consumers.

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