The era of multiscreening: more than half of the time that TV commercials last… we spend watching the mobile

It is a fact, people, in addition to being multitasking, are now “multi-screen”, since we not only look at the mobile before sleeping, while having a coffee, while waiting for something or someone, but according to , 94% of people in the United States keep their cell phones close while watching TV: multiscreening is here to stay.

Entertainment is now multiscreening

This study was carried out on users from six countries: , , Germany, Indonesia, and the United States in which through the eye tracking and analysis of active devices it was revealed that during the night, while they were in front of the TV, 31% of people looked at the mobile, frequently reviewing their since more than half of them (55%) entered , , and .

People, being multiscreening, that is, looking at several screens at the same time, relate the use of TV and mobile phones with complementary experiences where they get relaxation and connection.

Another reason to opt for multiscreening is that it is much more pleasant to see a live television programsuch as political debates, reality shows, a royal wedding or a football match if .

Viewers focus their attention on mobile as ads run

But where is the viewers attention? Once it was discovered how multiscreening divides viewers’ attention, Facebook reveals that viewers pay attention while the program is being broadcast on TVsince only 28% of them looked at the mobile when there were no ads, but more than half of them looked away from the TV during commercial breaks to look at their mobile.

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Younger viewers are more likely than older viewers to multiscreen. 60% of users between the ages of 18 and 24 looked at their mobile during the ads on television, while 45% of people aged 45 and over did. No significant differences were shown between the generations during the transmission of the television program.

Social networks and instant messaging: the most used apps among advertisements of TV

As we mentioned at the beginning, users tend to look at their phones during ads, and mainly access social networks or messaging apps. Users from Indonesia used social networks more, while those from Brazil spent more time sending and reading their messages.

In the UK users tend to check news apps during TV commercials while in France they prefer play mobile video games more than anywhere else.

Among the social networks, of course, those of the Facebook family stand out. 55% of viewers’ time during ads was spent on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

In fact by 2019 it is predicted that people in the United States they will spend the same time looking at their mobile as they spend watching TV every day, and multiscreening will increase around the world, so the study ensures that an effective marketing plan must


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