The Lefties of the future: smart fitting room, online return and personalized garments

Next Saturday, September 10, the textile group Inditex will inaugurate its new Lefties Digital Store in the Diagonal Mar Shopping Center in Barcelona, ​​a store with an area of ​​more than 1,900m² distributed on a single floor with the latest technological developments and offering consumers a fully digitized shopping experience.

The opening of this location, with a staff of 80 people, will mark the beginning of the next openings of the brand in the national territory for the last quarter of this year, marked by a great expansion of stores in the most important cities of the country.

Among the technological innovations to offer a fully digitized shopping experience, the new store incorporates Easy Pay, the innovative payment system that uses RFID surround reading to instantly scan the items that customers carry with them and to be able to make the payment through cash, card and even with your mobile phone. Lefties thus becomes the first Inditex brand to incorporate this system.

In its commitment to the omnichannel shopping experience, the new store will have fully automated online collection and return points. The silo is the online collection point for purchases made through the brand’s official website or app, showing the code received at the time of purchase. While the mailbox, for its part, allows an easy return of the desired online items by placing an RFID tag that the mailbox itself will read and direct to the returns area of ​​the store’s warehouse.

Live Personalization

The Digital Store will also serve to launch the product customization service which, in addition to the embroideries, patches and messages with which they can already configure their garments through the web, incorporates the first physical space in which customers will be able to see situ the process of creating these designs.

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Added to these services is an innovative shift system with which customers can directly access the changing rooms, if they are available. If the capacity exceeds 50%, the system will activate the shifts that will allow customers to continue with their purchase until they are free, for which the customer will receive a notice with the free tester number in their APP or by printing a ticket. The new changing rooms incorporate a return mailbox where you can leave the garments that are not of interest and which is connected to the warehouse by means of a carousel.

The new Lefties store will round off the customer shopping experience through other services such as water fountains, a cafeteria, arcade machines, an independent returns counter and themed areas where the products of each collection can be located in fixed ways.

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