The SEPE notice: this is the mandatory step before requesting unemployment or a subsidy

The unemployment benefits managed by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) cover more than 1.67 million people, . All these citizens have accredited different requirements before being able to collect them, but one of them is common to all.

The SEPE itself has warned that as a preliminary step to collect a benefit (whether unemployment or a subsidy) “you must register as a job seeker in the Public Employment Service of your autonomous community.”

Despite what is imagined in many cases, this procedure must be done at the corresponding regional employment office, either online or in person. With this registration as a job seeker, the SEPE will be in charge of granting or denying the unemployment benefit that has been requested.

If you wish to make the request for employment online, the SEPE Electronic Headquarters allows access to regional employment services. Given the possibility of different mechanisms and dynamics in each region, it is recommended that citizens contact these services to find out what they need to register as a job seeker.

How to get the job demand online

Be that as it may, in order to obtain the job application online, the citizen must have a digital certificate (), Cl@ve PIN or permanent () or an electronic DNI.

This option is available to all citizens but in no case is it mandatory, with one exception: that of the inhabitants who reside in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, who will have to complete the procedure in this way.

How to get the job application in person

Another way to get the job application is , for which you have to use the service ‘Make an appointment to be attended by the SEPE’ () at the body’s Electronic Headquarters. Although it is not in charge of job applications, through this channel you can request the prior appointment necessary to do so at an employment office, indicating that together with the request for the benefit you wish to apply for, the application process is included. of employment.

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The previous appointment can also be requested by phone, by calling the number 91 926 79 70, service 24 hours a day. Here the citizen must indicate if the reason for this prior appointment is the request for registration as a job seeker.

What documentation is needed to get the job application

If the citizen decides to manage the job application in person at an employment office, they should know that they have to go to the appointment with certain documentation to speed up the process. The SEPE collects it:

-The National Identity Document or Foreign Identification Number (in this case, the residence and/or work permit may also be necessary).

-The Social Security card (“in the event of being a foreigner, this document will be provided if you have worked in Spain before”, explains the SEPE).

-Proof of academic or professional degree, if any.

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