This is how the displaced health card is requested to be able to receive the vaccine in another community

Having the displaced health card is the essential requirement to be able to be vaccinated in another autonomous community than the original one, either because there has been a change of residence or the summer period is being enjoyed.

What is the displaced health card

In Spain, you can access health care anywhere in the state with the health card of the Autonomous Community of origin, since they all belong to the National Health System. However, if you want to have an assigned family doctor because you are going to stay for a certain time in another autonomy, it is recommended to apply for the displaced health card.

The duration of this document varies between the different autonomous communities, but it is usually up to six months with the possibility of extension. However, in the event that it expires, a new displaced card may be requested.

Currently, this document is required to receive any dose of the vaccine if you are or expect to be outside the autonomous community of origin.

How to apply for the displaced health card

The procedure for obtaining the displaced person’s health card may vary between the different autonomous communities. However, in general terms, the easiest way to obtain it is to go to the health center that corresponds to the address where you are going to reside. There, at the administration desk, the document presented will be delivered, the DNI and the original health card. Other communities also allow this procedure to be carried out over the Internet.

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