This is the method to calculate your retirement pension in 2022

One of the aspects in which there is greater confusion in the final moments of our working life is knowing what the retirement pension will be resulting from an entire professional career. It is not a trivial matter: our comfort in the retirement stage may depend on the amount that remains, and for this reason it is important to know what resources we will be left with after retirement.

Social Security is in charge of calculating retirement pensions. To do this, it takes into account the years worked by the pensioner throughout his working life and the contribution base for which he has contributed in the last years of his career. These two variables determine the final amount of these benefits, which are paid to more than 6.2 million people each month, .

The first step necessary to calculate a retirement pension is to find its regulatory base. This is a common process that is also used in other benefits and that in the case of pensions is obtained by adding the contribution bases of the last 25 years (a total of 300 monthly contribution bases) and dividing them by 350, .

If the worker had periods without contributing in the last 25 years, they can avail themselves of an aid provided by Social Security: the integration of gaps that . This mechanism contemplates adding the minimum base in force at any time for 48 months and half of said minimum base from month 49. Of course, it is not valid in self-employed workers.

The way to calculate the regulatory base in what is the last step of the progressive calendar imposed in the 2011 pension reform. Compared to last year, one more year is taken and the divisor of the contribution bases is extended: in 2021 they were 24 years (288 monthly bases) and the divisor of 336.

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The money you have left if you are entitled to the minimum pension

Once the regulatory base has been calculated, the next step is to know what percentage of said regulatory base you will be entitled to. This will depend on the years worked throughout your career: the minimum to have a pension is 15 years, which entitles you to 50% of that regulatory base or, if that 50% is less, to the minimum pension.

In 2022 also , which have increased by 3% (along with ). They are the following:

-The minimum pensions for people under 65 with a dependent spouse are 834.90 euros per month and 11,688.60 euros per year.

-The minimum pensions for people aged 65 or over with a dependent spouse are 890 euros per month and 12,467 euros per year.

-The minimum pension for people under 65 years of age with a non-dependent spouse is 638.20 euros per month and 8,934.80 euros per year.

-The minimum pension for people aged 65 or over with a non-dependent spouse is 685 euros per month and 9,590 euros per year.

-The minimum pension for people under 65 without a spouse is 675.20 euros per month and 9,452.80 euros per year.

-The minimum pension for people aged 65 or over without a spouse is 721.70 euros per month and 10,103.80 euros per year.

The pension you have left if you have worked more than 15 years

If you have worked more than those 15 years that give you the right to the minimum pension or 50% of the regulatory base, you have to add month by month. Thus, each month quoted from that year 15 grants an additional percentage of the regulatory base: the more you quote, the more percentage of the regulatory base you can reach.

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The Social Security method contemplates that in the first 106 months there will be an extra 0.21% of the regulatory base for each month quoted. After this period, during the following 146 months, 0.19% of the regulatory base will be obtained for each month worked. This makes the worker entitled to 100% of the regulatory base (what is known as 100% of the pension) after 36 years of work.

However, this pension also has an upper limit. The maximum pensions have also been updated in 2022: and also the maximum amount of these, it is established that the amount of these maximum pensions will be 2,819.18 euros per month and 39,468.52 euros per year.

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