This is what the Yuccs are like, the invention made in Spain that makes these shoes the “most comfortable in the world”

Born almost two years ago, but with increasing popularity to the point of having a waiting list for the latest models, they have become a trend in the world of footwear. Known as the “most comfortable shoes in the world”, its Made in Spain production has catapulted this product all over the planet, both for women and men.

Being half of its employees mothers (the workforce is around 100 people), a fact that has made them famous, this idea of ​​the businessman Pablo Mas has made some shoes designed in Mallorca and manufactured in Elche come to overshadow even the large footwear multinationals. The Yuccs stand out for their sustainability, innovation and the aforementioned comfort.

One last quality, cataloged by the thousands of customers of this Spanish company, which is the flagship of all the models of these shoes. Some sneakers, so fashionable lately, that also have a limited production to guarantee that no material is wasted in the manufacturing process.

All Yuccs are made with merino wool that can also be easily washed in the washing machine.

In addition, this process lasts up to six months (four for manufacturing and two for assembly), which makes the shoes a very careful item at all times. With extra-fine, soft, breathable and flexible merino wool, this material is also another of its badges for making footwear cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months.

Finally, the other great quality of the Yuccs is that they can be washed in the washing machine, which allows for simple and careful cleaning so that they are always spotless. Some sneakers that are in casual, sport and slip-on designs, increasingly demanded in all stores.

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How much are Yuccs worth?

A whole series of recognizable properties that, moreover, does not give the product an inaccessible value. With a price of 95 euros for all models and colors, both for men and women, the Yuccs are these days (due to the Mother’s Day campaign) with a 25-euro discount.

Natural materials, local production and sustainable manufacturing to give this product a recognized category throughout the textile sector. “The most comfortable shoe in the world”, as defined by its slogan, which has placed Spain at the top of footwear innovation.

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