Those affected by dieselgate who did not claim compensation will have five years to do so

Those affected by the fact that they did not appear in the criminal case against the Volkswagen Group, or that they did not initiate civil actions at the time, now have a period of five years to demand responsibilities from the manufacturer.

In addition, all affected drivers will be notified of the transfer of the criminal proceedings to Germany, so that they can apply for compensation.

This has been ordered by the National Court in an order issued by the Central Court of Instruction number two of Madrid, after collecting the allegations previously made by the (ALDEA).

Around 3,000 euros per user

In this way, each of the owners affected by this scam who have not initiated legal action will be able to claim the compensation that corresponds to them within the next five years. As ruled by the Mercantile Court number 1 of Madrid, Volkswagen Group España Distribución had to pay the amount of 3,000 euros to a total of 5,444 affected users.

The document recognizes the “legitimate interest of the owners of the vehicles affected by the fraud of polluting emissions caused by the Volkswagen group, in knowing that the procedure will continue to be processed in Germany, so that, where appropriate, they can appear in person in the same, since it is not possible to do so at present, as well as for the possible exercise of pertinent civil actions”.


The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) sent a notification to each affected party some time ago, summoning them to go to the centers authorized by the brand to modify the software installed in the vehicles to falsify the true pollution data during the Vehicle Technical Inspection tests ( VAT).

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However, the DGT did not warn that, in addition to modifying the software, they were also entitled to compensation from the German car company.

The president of the Association of People Affected by Volkswagen, Alberto Rey, has shown his satisfaction with this result and has invited all those affected who to date have not made a claim to do so now. “From ALDEA we encourage all those owners affected, and who to date have not made the appropriate claim, to do so now. The plenary jurisprudence of the Supreme Court recognizes their right to be compensated”, recalls the group.

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