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WhatsApp started the year quite controversially with the implementation of its new privacy policy, while in parallel several of its rival companies saw a significant increase in their users, given the reluctance to trust an app that, as such, is affected by its reputation for security and privacy. If you add to this the falls it has had in this time… it may be time to start considering an alternative to WhatsApp.

9 alternative apps to WhatsApp


As a quick and easy description, we can say that Discord is intended for create groups on different specific topics in which users enter to chat.

But what makes Discord different from other chat platforms is that it allows you to have your own server, create different channels, such as having your own IRC, and invite the people you want. In fact you can think of Discord as a group with different groups, however, it offers more advanced tools, which is why it has earned the nickname of the “the one of the gamers”.

In Discord you can create servers and channels to talk about almost any topic, which has given rise to a broader community than the initial one, based on video games. Therefore, its founder that the platform would face a change of focus. This includes making improvements such as making it easier to create servers and expanding the focus already in place to an audience outside of gaming: Just like Twitch is no longer just a social network for gamers, Discord seeks to become a place where you can talk about anything else.

Let’s start with one you know well: its design and features are quite simple, it allows you to send messages, images, emojis, video and even voice notes. In addition to mobile, you also have the possibility of using it on your computer with its Chrome application. One of its great advantages is, in turn, one of its weaknesses: to use it you don’t need to know your contact’s phone number, but your GMail account. Something simple, given the penetration of this type of account, but it can leave out some users who simply want to use the phone numbers in their contact book.

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Apple is synonymous with exclusivity and of course has its own messaging. With iMessage you can exchange messages, photos and files with any Apple device. In the same way, you can manage the SMS from there: you can differentiate them because they will be in green, unlike the regular ones of the app in blue.

Apart from the aforementioned, it has a variety of customizations to give your own touch to the chat, such as custom gifs and emojis for your profile. It also allows you to selectively select read receipts, as well as set blocking for specific numbers and messages. You finally have the possibility to send or receive money in these conversations, thanks to its coordination with ApplePay.

This application of Korean origin was considered one of the main alternatives to WhatsApp at the time of its launch. Focused as a more youthful application, one of its attractions is the diversity and spontaneity that it presents in its sticker Packs, moving away from the classic emoticons.

It presents an internal function called LinePay with which you can make electronic payments to associated entities. You also have internal game functions, which together with the basic functions of messaging and multimedia delivery, make it a complete application.

Among all the alternatives to WhatsApp this boasts of using the most secure encryption that exists. This app, which has 10 million active users, has all the features of mass messaging, but its real appeal is privacy. In fact, since February 2020

Its configuration allows the application to be blocked by itself, without the need for third parties, thanks to a unique PIN that, together with the telephone number, forms the entry route. It also allows a screen lock, restricting the taking of screenshots both within the application and to notifications in mobile tasks.

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You can use it from your mobile or from your computer, and to start using it you only need to register with a phone number; you do not need a username or an email account. It also allows you to identify the sending and receiving of messages from unknown contacts.

Spike fuses the innovation of modern messaging with the reliability and security of classic email. We then have a platform focused on work areas and that seeks to optimize productivity. This through the concentration of various efforts. It offers a free version and a paid version with more features.

With this application you can liven up the conversations in your emails, viewing them as a chat. It offers three conversation modes to organize your inbox, prioritizing messages according to your needs. In addition to a variety of functions within the app to speed up and facilitate the organization and planning of meetings, projects, etc.

This app allows extensive customization in its chats and incorporates features that are not only attractive but also useful. For example, it has a variety of and bots that range from simple games to pass the time, to newscasts and search engines for content such as music, books, etc. Indeed,

Without a doubt, it is being the great beneficiary of the flight of WhatsApp users

This application developed in China has taken off a lot thanks to its multifunctional character. And it is that it not only offers messaging services and, but also the integration of different applications within it, called ««. Finally, it has an electronic payment functionality. In summary, these are its main proposals to stand out in the messaging app market:

  • Service Messenger service with text messages, voice, video calls, live transmissions, sending images, videos and video games.
  • verified accounts that allow you to send notifications to all your fans or followers offering them exclusive information and services, something similar to a Facebook page.
  • Geolocation. Users can see people close to them with a public profile and add close contacts.
  • moments. Within this functionality, users can share images, statuses, links and various content to a number of selected contacts. Something very similar to the stories of Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • mini programs. This function allows you to encode programs within the WeChat interface itself. Of course, these programs must be less than 10 megabytes.
  • Enterprise WeChat: a special version of the app designed for professional use.
  • allows the file transmission from computer to mobile and vice versa.
  • . This functionality allows you to make payments and bank transfers through the app.
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Finally, and although it is unlikely that you will want to switch from WhatsApp to Messenger (which is also part of Facebook)it is one of the most used apps in the world, so it is worth naming it.

The most striking thing about this app is the possibility of reacting to messages. Yes, react as if it were a Facebook post with laughter, anger or a simple heart. You can also customize the chats and add nicknames to the other person, something that can be fun, since you can not only use their nicknames and differentiate their own chat, but they can change the “like” button for something more personal or funny , like a flower or a pig.

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