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Nobody doubts that it is the most popular social network in the world. It begins nearly 20 years ago, when “The Facebook” grew out of a young Mark as a platform where Harvard students could connect with other people and share interests.

After all this time, it’s today a very complete network where you can not only share the latest news or family photos, but also has practically all the functions of other , so much so that it is known because, if you can’t buy them, , as happened with Snapchat and its ephemeral stories, in Instagram quite successful.

Hobbi: Facebook’s “new Pinterest”

Now Facebook wants to go a step further in diversifying the functions of its platforms and hobbywhose name alludes to the hobbies or hobbies of users.

This new app is designed to collect images related to user interestsin addition to power arrange them on boards with different activities or projects. Yes, exactly the way Pinterest works.

In this way, Hobbi allows you to save and organize different photos of activities such as cooking, fashion design, carpentry, exercises, crafts or home decoration, among many others, however Hobbi also has big differences with respect to Pinterest.

Hobbi will first focus on Follow up of the progress you have made in your activities or projects and share them with other users. Plus Hobbi too will allow you to create featured videos (to stories mode) with the projects that have been finished.

As you can see, while Pinterest only stands out for grouping images around themes or activities on different boards, Hobbi also aims to bring users closer together, and become a more social and participative app.

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Facebook wants to attract a market of 300 million users

This application aims to enable users to document and remember the things they like to do”assures Hobbi on his page in the , since the application is available for download in Spainand also in the United States, Colombia, Belgium and Ukraine.

This is a long shot on Facebook’s part, as Pinterest has surpassed 300 million users globally and it has a pretty strong niche.

However, if the social media giant manages to create a real difference between Hobbi and Pinterest, It could really grab users and be a strong competitor for the pin platform.

The Facebook Application Development Team (NPE) that emerged to replace the defunct Creative Labs is responsible for Hobbi, as well as working on three other apps for Facebook:

  • whalewhich is a templated meme creation app
  • bump, the messaging app for students from the same location to interact.
  • aux, the music app that allows users to share their music tracks.

Until now none of these three applications has achieved the expected success, however we should not underestimate the efforts of Facebook and who knows? Perhaps Hobbi can unseat its competitor Pinterest.


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