Learn how to make Gmail ads with Google Adwords

Since last September, Google Adwords offers the possibility of creating display ads in Gmail. This new type of advertisement, known as Gmail Ads, allows us to impact users who use Gmail in the “Promotions” section with our creatives.

Gmail is one of the most popular services offered by Google. Globally, it has been gaining ground over other providers of free email accounts such as Yahoo! or AOL. Apart from the email service, having a Gmail account is essential to use other Google services such as Google Drive or enjoy a YouTube account among many others.

Starting to impact Gmail users is very simple. To create Gmail Ads we must follow the following steps:

1) Create a display campaign: Do not forget to leave the configuration regarding geographical segmentation, daily budget, type of bid as you are most interested in depending on the objectives of your campaign. It is very important that when you create the display campaign you check “No marketing objectives” and “All features – All features and options available for the display network”. Checking this option is necessary, as it enables the insertion of Gmail ads.

2) Select the type of targeting you need for this campaign: Depending on the type of segmentation you use, you will impact a certain audience or another. A very interesting option for Gmail Ads can be to segment by remarketing an audience that has previously visited your website. In this way, users who pass through your website will be impacted by your ads.

3) Create your Gmail Ads ad: This part seems a bit confusing, but it’s really simple. Once you have completed the second step in your campaign creation, you will be offered the possibility to create an ad. In this part you need to click on the “Skip ad creation” option. Once you select this option you will reach the main campaign panel, click on your ad group and select create ad (Button + Ad in red).

When you click on this option you will need to select the Ad Gallery option. Once you get to that menu, several options will appear: Dynamic ads, lightbox ads, video ads and Gmail ads. You must indeed select gmail ads.

There are five types of ads you can create in Gmail Ads:

1) Gmail Image Template: It allows the possibility of including an image of those offered by Gmail as a template.

2) Unique Promotion Template: In which we are allowed the possibility of including an image and a text normally associated with promotions of a single product or service.

3) Multiple Product Template: In which we are allowed to add a thumbnail image and text of various products that we want to highlight.

4) Catalog template: In which we are allowed to add thumbnail image and text of various products that we want to highlight using Gmail templates.

5) Custom HTML Upload.

In all types of ads we will have two versions of these: Collapsed and expanded. The collapsed version is the first that appears to the user, which is quite similar to an email in the inbox. When the user clicks on this they would see the expanded version. Here is an example of each of them:

Gmail ads have represented a great novelty and are very interesting to surprise the public since, due to the short time they have been on the market, they can generate good CTR rates. Depending on the objective of your campaign, you can try to make different types of ads and combine them with segmentations to improve your results.

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