Sevilla FC Online Store: opinions and evaluation

Sevilla FC Online Store: opinions and evaluation

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Today we bring you one full review of the of the Andalusian team. Do you want an advance? We can assure you that your online space for eCommerce is worth visiting! In case you want to compare, this is the note that we put on the day

6 reasons to buy in the Sevilla FC online store

Next, we develop 6 points For which, both the fans of the Sevilla team and those who are against Betis (which usually coincide), should make use of the official Sevilla store:

  • attractive design: And when we enter the official page, the first thing that stands out is, and how could it be otherwise, the Sevilla F.C. colors. In any good marketing strategy it is essential to have a attractive design that makes the user or buyer want to continue being in the place and discover all its options. In this case, the sevillista page perfectly integrates red and white, throughout its structure.
  • Prices: Although, the clothes of the official football stores of the big teams are not usually cheap, considering that we are talking about a UEFA champion and one of the main teams in the best league in the world (the Spanish one), his first riding is not too expensive compared to other teams like Real Madrid. And it is that while a shirt for the Madrid team costs 100 euros, that of Sevilla FC would cost 69 euros.
  • Categories: Another point in favor of this online store is undoubtedly the complete list of categories that appears clearly on the web and that helps us see the products we want in an orderly manner. In this way, we can go directly to the section of the new season, or to clothing for training, products for children, for free time, accessories…etc.
  • Shipping Cost Promotion: Although in normal period, Sevilla FC usually charges its customers for shipping costs in any of their online purchases, it is true that they do some promotions in said costs throughout the year.
  • Presence in RRSS and : The Sevilla FC online store is present in the big ones, in which all the fans and supporters of the rojiblanco team can be informed not only of the new products and kits that they put on sale but also of the matches and results of Sevilla. In this sense, we find the , a . On the other hand, we can subscribe to your newsletter and receive by email many offers that others will not receive!
  • Security: We are talking about an official store of a first team, so the safety and trust that they can contribute in the purchase process are insured in advance. Even so, to make any purchase we must register in their database as a customer, filling in a small file with our data, the same as is done on other pages such as amazon.
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5 aspects that the official Sevilla store should improve

Not everything can be good in this life, and it couldn’t be less in this review of the Sevilla FC Online Store. Although globally the positive points stand out more, it is true that we miss some facilities and services:

  • Payment methods: Nowadays, almost more people buy online than in a physical store. That is why it is essential to offer virtual customers payment facilities. In this sense, Sevilla FC offers from its store two possibilities to pay, which may well be by Visa or MasterCard. what about PayPal? One of the safest and most popular payment methods today is ignored so it becomes the first negative point on our list.
  • Shipping costs (when there is no promotion): Previously we saw as positive that Sevilla FC offered promotions on their shipping costs. But when none of these promotions exist, the shipping costs usually come out for about 4 euros for any point of the peninsula. But above all, for them to be free, the purchase must exceed 80 euros, so it would not be enough to buy just one shirt.
  • arrival speed: This store works only with the transport company and the speed of arrival is usually between 3 and 7 days in normal period and in the peninsula. We miss therefore, some premium option or for loyal customers such as ultrafast shipping 1 day or two days.
  • Returns & Exchanges: Once we get our order at home, if the kit is not right for us, the only option they offer us is to return it and exchange it for another product but in no case would we receive our money again. This is a policy that is outdated in eCommerce and that the club should change to adapt to the times.
  • Geolocation: Obviously, the online store Sevilla F.C. you have to aim to sell all over the world and the English version is a must. Now, it does not seem very logical that, being a Spanish club, if you enter from Spain you will be redirected to the website in English. Therefore, it is convenient to claim that geolocation is active as an element that facilitates navigation. You have to think that, in Spain, there are many people who do not know how to read English, especially the older ones.
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It remains to be seen how the rojiblanco team will fare this year, but what we do know after this analysis is that all fans can boast of the official Sevilla store, a first-class store!

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