The French multinational Kiloutou plans to invest around 3.5 million in Aragon

The company, specialized in the rental of machinery and tools, plans this investment in Aragón and Navarra for the renovation of its machine park to update it and offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The French multinational Kiloutou has a machinery park in the Aragonese community -mainly for construction and public works-, worth between 16 and 17 million euros, with an investment of around 3.5 million euros planned this year – around 20% of the amount of machinery stock-, in order to renew it, as explained by Jesús Jambina, head of the Kiloutou North Region, to elEconomista

“The objective is to plan the purchase for the renewal of the machinery park so that it is younger and more up-to-date. The French group has a significant awareness of the environment” so this renewal of machinery and tools is also intended to have of a stock that is more “friendly” and respectful of the environment.

The new machinery to be incorporated with these investments is based on zero-emissions technology to the atmosphere so that “the park is less polluting”, since it will have engines or catalytic converters -among other features- that will allow less CO2 emission. Within the machinery and tools that are already more sustainable are, for example, generator sets or excavators.

The forecast of the French multinational is to carry out these investments in 2021, which could continue in 2022 to advance in the renovation, in addition to expanding the machinery park. A process with which the company deepens the sustainability of this activity, which is already more sustainable by being able to rent the equipment for as long as it is needed and it is possible for each piece of equipment to be used by more than one client, which contributes to reduce pollution and waste.

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With these investments, the company continues with its growth plans despite covid-19. “The year 2020 was a bit atypical and strange in all areas and caused all the growth plans we had and volumes of investment, purchase and expansion to slow down or come to a standstill in some cases. We have spent the year 2020 with the new regulations, restrictions, fear and uncertainty of the clients and what we have done is to be there and support our clients who could work or were essential. As the situation has been unblocked, the activity has been recovering “.

And the prospects for 2021 in Aragon are good because “Zaragoza is experiencing a sweet moment of investment and private initiative with the construction of warehouses, industrial estates, warehouses or housing.” In addition, as the pace of vaccination advances and the pandemic is controlled, “we understand that investments may emerge and there may be a boost in six months and even a rebound effect.”

The French multinational has five delegations in Aragon, which are located in Zaragoza and in the towns of Ejea de los Caballeros, Calatayud, Alcañiz and Huesca. There are five centers that belonged to CTC de Maquinaria SA, which was bought in 2017 by the Kiloutou Group, carrying out the merger between both companies in October 2019. After this merger, the French multinational integrated the groups of Navarra, the Basque Country and Aragón in a single region, giving way to the North Region, which includes nine delegations in total. In the Aragonese community, it has among its clients the main construction companies and industries of Aragon.

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leadership position

Kiloutou is a leader in this sector in the Aragonese community, which forms part of the company’s Northern region in Spain, together with the communities of Navarra and the Basque Country. This region concentrates 55% of the multinational’s total turnover in the national territory. In addition, Aragón is the leader in billing, a leadership that wants to be transferred to other regions.

The company employs 50 people in Aragon, and is also the largest workforce in the North Region, which employs 80 people in total. A figure that is expected to increase, above all, to incorporate commercial profiles, although having to reinforce other positions for workshop or administration positions is not ruled out.

The French multinational also continues to grow in Spain with the opening of more delegations. Recently, the Alcobendas center in Madrid has opened its doors, already adding a total of 19 agencies in Spain and more than 500 throughout Europe (France, Poland, Germany and Italy), and serving more than 5,000 workers. Kiloutou is the second renter in France and the third in Europe.

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