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We tend to think of YouTube as the largest social network for video content in the world, but surely on many occasions you have used its platform to listen to music, largely regardless of the video that is being broadcast, whether it is because you are exercising, having dinner or enjoying a moment of relaxation, and this is an opportunity that Google does not want to miss, which is why it has presented the new YouTube audio ads

Under a short format and with simple visual elements, audio ads arrive on YouTube

YouTube’s new audio ads are presented as a way to reach listeners using the app in the background. will have a duration of 15 to 30 seconds and will be playable similar to ads on other audio platforms

For now the visual component of YouTube audio ads will remain, but will consist of still images or simple animations since it is sought that the soundtrack stands out, which is the key to transmitting the message in this type of advertising.

music is an excellent medium “to capture an audience that is listening to what they like; and yet most companies miss out on the potential of music on YouTube”.

The social network ensures that more than 50% of users who log in and consume music content in a day do so for more than 10 minutes, which shows the great potential of the new YouTube audio ads as a means of getting the message seen, and heard alongside the music content.

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YouTube claims that during months of testing, over 75% of audio ad campaigns generated a significant increase in brand awarenessso the platform expects this addition to increase the ad revenue it generates from music on its platform, which includes more than 70 million official tracks, plus live performances, remixes, and other music content including alternate versions.

As YouTube itself has explained:

“An example of the impact that audio ads can have is that of SEAT. The automaker wanted to extend an existing audio-based digital campaign to reach listeners who might be interested in the summer sale on its Ibiza FR model.

The company repurposed audio materials into audio ads on YouTube, and used YouTube’s audience tools to reach people with an affinity for technology and businesses, and those looking for a vehicle. By providing advertisements to interested listeners, SEAT managed to increase the recall of the ads by 21% and increase the consideration of the brand.”

Spotify’s new competition

With its new ads, YouTube will be able to stand up to , which has been the audio streaming platform par excellence, selling ads in its free version that offers targeting by music genre for several years.

It is true that the video continues to be the biggest boost for YouTube, since 85% of music consumption on its platform is consumed in the foreground, that is, watching the video playback on the device, however the remaining 15% is a great opportunity for advertisers.

The new YouTube audio ads are available in beta through auctions on and Display & Video 360 through CPM with audience opportunity and other options that show your video campaigns.

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Dynamic musical selections

In addition to introducing the new YouTube audio ads, the platform has also launched the dynamic musical selections, which are groups of channels dedicated exclusively to certain popular musical genres, such as K-pop, Hip-hop, Latin music or the Top 100.

And beyond musical genres you can also find music selections based on moods or hobbies such as fitness, with which background music listeners can more easily find a selection according to their preferences, and marketers an ideal place to embed your targeted ads for your target audience.

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