This is the Social Security method to check your permanent disability file

The process of obtaining a permanent disability pension is long and often generates some anxiety in applicants, who want to know the status of such an important procedure in their particular lives.

For this purpose, Social Security (which is the body in charge of granting pensions or, otherwise, denying them) has a mechanism within its Electronic Headquarters that allows citizens who have applied for a permanent disability pension to know how it is going. , at the time of consultation, said request.

From the section of the body’s page, the citizen can access “information on the status of processing of the procedures that are open, the list of the acts of processing carried out, with an indication of their content, as well as the date on which that were dictated”.

In addition, entering the ” option, in which you can “consult the situation in which the process of the requested benefit is found, and monitor the phases of the process from the moment the request is submitted until it is resolved” .

To do this, you must log in to the ‘Your Social Security’ portal, available with a digital certificate (), or username + password. If you do not have these telematic methods, to do it for you.

Once inside ‘Your Social Security’, you must go to the ‘Your data’ section, at the top, and click on the ‘Management’ section that appears on the right side of the screen. There you can consult your procedures, follow up and check the files already resolved.

The Social Security informs that “if you have made more than one request, all the pending ones will appear, as well as the completed ones. If more than a month has passed, they will appear in the ‘Oldest’ section”.

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