What is YouTube Premium and what advantages does it have?

YouTube is one of the most popular and used apps in the world, its platform has millions of videos of all kinds, from music, tutorials, information to entertainment, and while the vast majority have the free version, not many know that it exists a premium version. Today we are going to explain to you how it is different and what advantages it has compared to the app that everyone has pre-installed on their phones.

As is logical in any paid service, YouTube Premium is a version of the YouTube app that has all the functions and tools that we all know, but a series of elements are added that improve the user’s experience on the platform.

It is true that the free YouTube app is very functional and offers many tools with which a large part of its users are already satisfied, but there are those who need to go a little further, and the premium version is where they find what they were looking for .

Videos without ads

Whether to listen to the latest song by your favorite singer or to watch a video of how to do something, before being able to play it we find at least one ad, the same thing happens when they are somewhat longer and are just cut to make a break advertising.

So, if you have the premium version you don’t have to worry about ads that interrupt sooner or later, nor about banners or search ads.

Download videos to watch later

Another great advantage of YouTube Premium is that it allows you to download any video or playlist so that you can play it later, even when you do not have an Internet connection.

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background playback

Undoubtedly one of the most negative aspects of the free YouTube app is that when you use it from your mobile, you can only be on that platform and you cannot access other apps without the video stopping.

With the Premium version, you can activate playback in the background, so that while you’re listening to a song in the app, you can be answering a WhatsApp.

YouTube Music Premium

By becoming a paid user of YouTube you will get all the advantages in the music section of this app, be it ad-free access to all the songs, the possibility of downloading them and listening to them wherever you want without connection, playing your songs in the background and activating the mode audio to listen to music without loading the videos.

YouTube Originals

And, finally, we find that the subscription to YouTube Premium we have access to YouTube Originals, a set of series and movies from different YouTube creators to which almost no one has access, and again all this free of ads.

It is important to note that we must differentiate between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, the first is the one we were talking about. This has a monthly subscription of 12.99 euros per month, although if you are a student it stays at 6.99 euros per month, it also offers a family plan that supports up to 5 members in the same account and costs 17.99 euros per month. In all versions, the first month of trial is free.

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