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Whether it’s because you had to create a full-scale office in your living room from scratch, or because you’ve been planning to redecorate your bedroom or children’s room for a long time, you’ve probably had the bad experience that at I received the furniture and decorations or they simply do not coordinate as you had thought. Thinking about it Amazon has presented Room Decorator, a tool based on augmented reality to help you better visualize how various products and decoration items will look in any room of your house and without having to leave it.

Amazon’s new augmented reality tool

Amazon is recognized as an innovative company that bets on every new tool available. In fact, augmented reality had already been tested by the retail giant previously: in 2017 the great marketplace launched a function called in its app for iOS operating systems, however, as with other augmented reality shopping tools, the approach with AR View was to allow just one product could be visualized in a room, as a chair, a lamp or a vase.

And that is the great difference of Room Decorator: it is able to virtually add several products to any room at the same time.

In other words, you will be able to visualize how a complete set of new products could change the decoration of any space, and not only if the sofa will fit in your room, which creates an atmosphere and offers a customer experience never seen before, and you can also save the images generated by Room Decorator to see them later.

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This new tool is available at thousands of furniture category products available on Amazon in the United States, including many that are for sale by outside vendors.

This is how Room Decorator works

When a consumer finds one of these items, they will be able to click the button “See in your room” to start visualizing each product through augmented reality. The button is located on both the Amazon app for iOS as well as on the website for desktop.

This augmented reality experience will offer consumers suggestions of complementary products to the one they were seeing for the first time. As consumers explore these recommendations they will be able to add other products to the same room as well as rearrange them for better viewing.

Products will be displayed to scale and in high definition, as Amazon says this creates less confusion about what the item looks like in real life. Also, if the customer is not ready to buy, they can choose “Save the room” which will take a screenshot of the screen that will be saved in a new section in your Amazon account called “your rooms” and will also be sent by email.

But if the customer is ready to buy, the items chosen in Room Decorator can be added to the shopping cart directly from the augmented reality tool. he assured that “Amazon is always exploring new ways to create experiences that delight our customers.”

A new way to discover new products based on your preferences

“With the addition of the tools that Room Decorator offers, Amazon enhances its augmented reality feature to provide customers with an even more immersive shopping experience from the comfort of your home or on the go. Amazon assured.

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And it is that in addition to making more informed purchases, without a doubt this will be a very good discovery tool for brands to take advantage of. The new Room Decorator function in 50% of the applications installed on mobile phones in the United States under the iOS operating system, and during the next few weeks it will be available throughout the United States. We hope that it will soon be available for users in other markets.

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