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On this week’s show is a super interview: one of the co-founders of Hawkers, David Moreno. It opened a path that for a few years was very followed in the Spanish eCommerce, of digital native brands. With impulse buying products and a very strong commitment to ads on , very active promotions on its social channels, and very top sponsorships.

Now none of its creators are still in Hawkers, not even David Moreno, who has taken an increasingly common leap in high-value profiles: that of creating a project focused on Web3. And we are very curious to understand how this ecosystem and its project are consolidating. Fastlove Studios Lab It has it all: commitment to the new stage of the Internet, the so-called Web3, projects based on , set up as DAO (decentralized organization), NFTs and a socio-environmental activist purpose: to generate actions that help not environmental sustainability but regeneration, following solarpunk principles.

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Interview with David Moreno

11:30 How was that path that takes us from Hawkers to this project linked to Web3?

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We left all of Hawkers’ Key Management and it was time to decide what we were going to do with our professional career and if we would go together or each one on his own. In the end we tried to stay together, but it was impossible, we were minding our own business.

I personally started projects with some of the founders and some of the partners, but I also started my own project in parallel, Fast Love Studios Lab. Starting from the fact that I realized that the others I was in did not stimulate me enough to dedicate my time and energy to it, I considered what it would be like to start a company that had a solid base to continue. Here I consider how the ideal scenario should be.

24:40 How was Fastlove Studios Lab born?

Let’s say that Fastlove Studios Lab is our laboratory of ideas, from which different initiatives can arise, W3ST is one of Fastlove’s projects. This study addresses all environmental problems and proposes specific verticals to provide training, tools or products to address a paradigm shift and generate change.

31:30 When and how was the launch of Genesis? How much? How did it work?

We are a team of about 20 people. It was a project development en casa, although we have also had the support of some external agencies specialized in web3. The start of this project has been very bootstrap and we intend to grow little by little.

On the part of the funds, right now we have launched several clothing lines and all the financing has come from me. This is a strong personal commitment that I am making because I believe very much in this project, although achieving the sustainability of this project is not entirely easy. Likewise, we continue working to reach the maturity of the ecosystem and pave the way for all the new businesses that come.

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33:30 Even if you are the project leader, if this is a DAO, don’t you risk losing control of the project?

This is a very good question, one of those that take away sleep. Here I believe that the approach is to let go of this security and control that you have and trust that in some way what you are contributing will return to you. For this you have to move from a scarcity mentality in which you think you are dividing the cake among more people, to an abundance mentality.

43:10 I have read something that they are about to launch the MISPHITS, which from what I saw are NFT characters, right? Tell us a little more about this. How does it work?

The Misfits they are the identities of this meta-nation in the cloud, since we have the creation of a as one of the layers of this project. This is a representation of how digital assets have gained ground against physical spaces, currently being capable of generating digital scarcity.

Thus, Misphits will be the citizens of this new virtual nation, with a background narrative, in which they are brigade members of the multiverse. These come from the earth, but from different times and have all met the same breaking point, where we must decide what steps to take to save ourselves as a species.

With this, what we want to achieve is to take the PFP trend a little further, to a point where it expresses your guidance and your commitment to the world. We see this project in the future as a distributed and fluid nation, having embassies in the different sites and platforms where they are developed virtually.

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51:00 What future plans do you have in mind?

Our approach is to do this kickstart of the company, starting from a DAO where people are given full initiative to build something. Even so, we believe that integrating a team of experienced professionals can contribute a lot at this time.

We also want to launch a series of initiatives, which we propose to generate an economic model, to make the project profitable as everyone likes it. In this way, it cannot be a completely closed or open initiative, since we have a specific philosophy and objectives, respecting decentralization as much as possible.

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