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Marketing consultant course, in which I tell you about the methodology I use as an online marketing consultant with my clients, following the Entrepreneur’s Guide.

Since 2011, when I established myself as an online marketing consultant, I have been modifying my services and service methodology to my clients. In fact, in each session and in each project I have learned and modified the way of working.

Right now, and as a result of the publication of the Entrepreneur’s Guide, I use the ADEP methodology: Analysis, Diagnosis, Strategy and Action Plan. This method is valid for the three types of projects I usually work with:

  • Clients who have a business idea but have not yet started
  • Customers who already have a business but it doesn’t work for them
  • Customers who already have a business, are doing well, but want to improve

We will also see a special class for detecting business ideas, in which we can help find unmet needs, in the event that our client wants to undertake but does not know where to start.

We will see not only the methodology to follow to detect those points to add, improve or eliminate in a business project, but also how to deal with clients, the rhythm and flow of the service and how far the obligations of the consultant and the client.

In short, a very practical course for all those who want to offer consulting services, or even for those who want to apply it to their own projects. So… Let’s start!

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