The most beautiful women in the world are in…

Where are the most beautiful women in the world? Argentina, Italy, Russia, Japan… Each country houses women with different features, but equally attractive in all cases. Blondes, brunettes, slanted eyes, dark skin, straight or wavy hair… The list is long, but we know in which city the most attractive are found. We tell you…

The magazine reveals one of the best kept secrets, through a ranking that includes the 10 cities that are home to the most beautiful women in the world. Will Spanish women find themselves in a deserved position?

10. Montreal, Canada

The largest city in the province of Quebec is in last place in this ranking. Home to universities, it has the largest number of university students in all of North America. Will their beautiful women be the attractions of the young students?

9. Seoul, South Korea

This modern city, a symbol of the most advanced technological revolution, is in ninth place. The slanted eyes, the perfect complexion, and her long straight hair, along with her slender body, make the inhabitants of Seoul are considered some of the most beautiful women in the world.

The truth is that this city sets trends when it comes to fashion, leisure, architecture and technology. It only needed to be the headquarters of feminine beauty and it seems that it is climbing positions on the list.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

A symbol of tolerance and liberalism, the Dutch capital is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Its red light district is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, ahead of a walk along the canals or a visit to its magnificent Van Gogh museum. Coffee Shops, history, tradition… And it seems that the most beautiful women in the world walk through its streets. Could you ask for more!

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Bodine Koheler Peña has shown that her fame is true, as this Dutch beauty queen has won the Miss Puerto Rico 2012 pageant.

7. Tel-Aviv, Israel

We had no doubt that here were some of the most beautiful. Her dark skin and her light eyes in many cases envelop her beauty in a halo of exoticism. A perfect example of the beauty that Tel Aviv women possess is the model Bar Rafaeli. She is, she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, and it is that Leonardo Dicaprio’s ex-girlfriend dazzles wherever she goes with her blue eyes and her long blonde hair. Who could resist?

6. Moscow, Russia

The beauty of Russian women is well known… The model Irina Shayk is the clearest example. Her eyes, her statuesque body and that mixture ‘halfway’ between the angelic and the sexy, are the ideal ingredients to make everyone who contemplates her fall in love.

However, this time it is Moscow, which is in a privileged position in this ranking. And looking at Anna Selezneva, one of the most sought after models in the world, we understand that it is totally true.

5. Varna, Bulgaria

The third largest city in Bulgaria, located on the Black Sea coast, is in fifth place in the ranking. Like countries like Russia and Ukraine, the magazine has valued that beauty with white skin and blue eyes, which characterizes many of its women.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

We already knew that the most beautiful women in South America were in Argentina, however, as far as the world ranking is concerned, they almost got the coveted ‘bronze medal’. Fourth place goes to the capital of the country of romantic tango.

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The city where the model Martina Klein was born, a symbol of Argentine beauty, has a long list of actresses and models that certify that she has a deserved fourth place.

3. New York, United States

How could it be otherwise, the city of skyscrapers is not only on this unique list, but also enjoys the privilege of being one of the best located cities. The list is long: Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer López, Diane Lane… Which one do you prefer? All of them are every year in the top positions of the sexiest.

2. Stockholm, Sweden

Tall, blonde, stylized… The women of the city of Stockholm are the second most beautiful. It seems that not only is your city considered one of the most spectacular places in Europe, but that its inhabitants are up to the task…

1. Kyiv, Ukraine

But the first place goes to the city where the model Mila Jovovich was born, kyiv, in Ukraine. Traveler’s Digest and its readers consider that it is in this place where the most beautiful among the beautiful reside, and the truth is that its inhabitants leave us with ‘our mouths open’. One of our favorites? Mila Kunis, recently elected the sexiest woman in the world.

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