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Neither the nor the for sale manage to stop: aware of the importance of online stores being able to easily access their millions of usersthe social network has reached an agreement with Shopify that seeks to make it easier for eCommerces to spread their advertising messages on their platform.

Shopify partners with TikTok to optimize campaigns for its content creators

TikTok and Shopify today announced the launch of their alliance at European level. The agreement will take effect both Spain as in , Italy, Germany and the , and will help Shopify merchants expand their strategies alongside TikTok, the global benchmark for short videos, by enabling them to sell and market within their powerful community.

The purpose of this alliance between Shopify and TikTok, which was already active in the United States, is not to directly convert the micro-video platform into an eCommerce, but it is allow Shopify merchants to run promotions on TikTok, which they will be able to create in their Shopify admin. Thus, through this association, Spanish companies can create video ads in the TikTok feed directly from the Shopify panel, and easily distribute them to their 100 million monthly active users throughout Europe.

“Through the new TikTok channel, Shopify sellers will be able to access the core features of the TikTok for Business ad manager without leaving the same Shopify dashboard”.

The main advantages are:

  • New “1-click” pixel: Shopify merchants can install or connect their TikTok pixel, a small snippet of code that businesses can place on their website to find new customers, optimize campaigns, and measure ad performance, with the click of a button, which makes it quick and easy to track conversions.
  • One stop shop for TikTok campaigns: marketers can create campaigns, target audiences, and track performance in one place.
  • Simplified creativity: Everyone has a story to tell on TikTok, a channel that allows Shopify merchants to create sharable native ads that resonate with the community. TikTok’s creative and intuitive tools help turn merchants’ products into TikToks high quality in minutes.
  • New advanced matching function: This new functionality enables Shopify merchants to more effectively retarget their audiences, to better match TikTok ads with website conversions and enrich audiences for retargeting.
  • Free ad credit: Shopify merchants on the Trial and Basic plans will get €82 in ad credit after signing up and connecting a new TikTok For Business account to Shopify, and spending €20 within two weeks*.
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The first step to convert the microvideo platform into an eCommerce

this could be the big push that TikTok needs to start turning its platform into an eCommerce: The social network ensures that about half of its users have ensured that they discover new products through ads published by a brand in its application.

As part of our association, we also we will start testing new trading features which will make it even easier for our users to discover Shopify sellers and buy their products within the application.


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