This is the urban legend about the two payers in the 2021-2022 Income

With the development of the 2021-2022 Income Campaign, many classics have returned: doubts about obtaining the draft, confusion about whether or not to make the declaration… and also other stories already disguised as urban legend due to how much they are repeated regardless of their veracity. One of the most frequent is the one that speaks of people who have had two or more payers having statements to enter (that is, to pay).

In these cases are people who have had two or more jobs throughout the year in which they are taxed (in 2021). This can happen when a worker changes jobs, but it can also happen in moonlighting situations, when a person combines two part-time jobs.

Other people who are in the same situation are those who at some point in the year have received unemployment benefits and have also worked. In that case, your second payer would be the State Public Employment Service, SEPE. And no less important: also people who have suffered an Erte, a circumstance due to the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pensioners do not escape this possibility either: people who took advantage of a flexible retirement () or those who retired throughout 2021 (they received salaries and wages and then a pension) will also have had at least two payers, as well as the people who retire accessing from the collection of an unemployment benefit.

In all these cases, apart from the total income level and that belonging to those second (and successive) payers that determine the obligation to declare, in the case of presenting the Income, these taxpayers must know that the existence of these two payers does not by itself entails the payment of more taxes or higher withholdings and that, therefore, will not make the Rent come out to pay them.

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Why do you go out to pay the Rent with two payers?

It is usual that, in all these cases, the people who present the Income get the return to be returned. And, of course, it has an explanation: companies make their withholdings for Personal Income Tax (IRPF) as if they were the only ones making such withholdings to the worker. Therefore, when he changes jobs or has two at the same time, he will be subject to imbalances in those withholdings.

In the case of people who have received unemployment benefits or have been in an Erte, the reason is also clear: the SEPE makes very low withholdings and, in many cases, does not make withholdings for the amounts it pays to the beneficiaries of the benefits. unemployment benefits, .

How to change personal income tax withholdings before income

The worker who finds himself in these situations may act in another way in the future. On the one hand, he has the option of asking his human resources department for the company to increase personal income tax withholdings to avoid this blow when he makes the declaration the following year.

Those who receive an unemployment benefit will be able to do the same, but by contacting the SEPE, which acts as their human resources department. Even Social Security has a service to temporarily or indefinitely request retirement pensions.

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