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The war between the does not stop: YouTube, and even continue to fight side by side to get the largest number of viewers, and that is why Facebook has implemented new features to enhance live video.

Matt Navarra, the well-known consultant has shared images of the new features that will enhance live video in .

Facebook Live Producer rolls out new tools for broadcasters

1/ Upload graphic packages for on-screen graphics during broadcasts

2/ On-screen comments – queue up comments from viewers to show on-screen

3/ Feature a link on-screen during a live broadcast


– Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra)

Live Producer shows new tools to enhance live videos

As you can see in these images, some users already they can access a new tab called “graphics” directly on , its tool that allows content creators to manage their streams through an updated and more intuitive control panel.

In the “Graphics” tab creators will be able to add different types of graphic overlays during your stream. Among the various options that this new tool presents are:

  • The possibility of adding a ticker or block scrolling news, in the style of television news, which will scroll at the bottom of the transmission to enhance live videos and keep users informed of the latest news.
  • An option that allows highlight viewer commentswhich will be at the top during live videos.
  • The option of run live pollsin addition to being able to show the results of the survey in real time.

With these options to enhance live videos, Facebook wants to offer its content creators more tools to add professionalism to your live streams, an option that will be very well received as viewers consume more live content than ever due to the quarantine due to Covid-19.

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This will be the ideal time to improve live streaming skills of its content creators and thereby maximize the reach and the audience, with which it will be able to stand up to its main competitors.

Add links to your live videos on Facebook

One more feature Facebook wants to offer its video content creators is the option to add a link to your live streams. With this new feature, creators will be able to generate direct traffic from their stream, while maintaining a call to action at the same time it transmits.

These new tools will undoubtedly be very helpful for all Facebook content creators who, as we have seen, will arrive at an ideal time to capture more audience.

Facebook reported that the audience of his live broadcasts has increased by , while live videos also show much higher levels of engagement in recent months compared to overall video uploads.

For now, not all content creators will have access to these new tools in Live Producer, but Facebook ensures that they will reach each of them during the next few days.


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