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In such a competitive landscape and with such a number of brands struggling to attract and retain their target audience as the one we are currently presented with, new user acquisition campaigns become basic and necessary resources. Achieve not only capture, but provide valuable contentwill be essential to position ourselves in the minds of our target audience and become the main option when they have to make purchasing decisions.

In Hero Baby They were aware of the importance of developing this type of campaign, which is why in 2012 they launched their app, which was updated in february 2022with the aim not only of capturing future mothers and fathers, but also of providing them with value that would lead to the decision to continue this new stage of their lives relying on the brand.

What is “my pregnancy by weeks”

My pregnancy for weeks offers its users a wide range of services that have the prior approval of the Hero Institute of Child Nutrition, which has more than 50 years of experience in the field of research, and with the advice of a committee independent scientific adviser.

This app allows you to carry a complete pregnancy monitoring, allowing to know estimates of the size of the baby in relation to the moment of gestation and recording the results of medical check-ups and other relevant data such as ultrasound, body weight or contractions. In addition to this, it also includes expert advice, nutritional guides and exercise recommendations that help improve the state of the pregnant woman, both before and after childbirth.

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Finally, a section is included where users can discover the entire Hero Baby world, from its website to its . The application is available for both and .

As explained Mary Benedict, Hero Digital Brand Manager: “As experts in infant nutrition, we know that the health of the baby already begins with the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy. for that, and in our goal of accompanying parents from the beginning of this adventure, we launched this application in 2012, whose value lies in the quality of the content.

Identifying these mothers and fathers at the moment they start in the world of fatherhood allows Hero to generate a brand feeling and strengthen that brand-customer bond. The contribution of information and content verified by experts, becomes something that these fathers and mothers will keep in mind when betting on the brand. On the other hand, having an app like this gives Hero a complete database with which to be able to plan and work according to the moment of growth in which each child finds himself.

How the app is used

As for the type of content that users consume the most Within the application, the following sections stand out:

  • Week to week: contains the main information of the week of pregnancy in which the user is.
  • my tummy: functionality to save photos of the belly.
  • Daily: function to record the evolution of the pregnancy.
  • Boy or girl: An interactive game-like feature that tries to guess the gender of the baby according to the Chinese calendar.
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While «my tummy», «email registration» and «diary» remain with very close results, “week by week” stands out as the content that arouses the greatest interest by the users of the app.

The bell

The main step to be able to connect with future users is to encourage downloads of “my pregnancy for weeks”, and the main bet of Hero Baby to achieve this goal is a Google ads app install campaign. It is a simple type of campaign to execute and implement, since it does not require excessive specific graphic material, Google uses the images, videos and resources that are already in the application file to create the battery of announcements.

At the level of clusters were used keywords related to future motherhood, so that users who were looking for data, advice or information about it could be impacted. Definitely, who have shown interest in this topic.

The campaign, developed and managed by the agency this active for all Google platforms (Google Play, YouTube, Google Display Network, Discover on Google Search, etc.), as well as on search partner websites and other websites where publishers host app ads.

The results of the campaign

Throughout 2021, 90,000 installations of the application were exceeded, but in the first four months of 2022 it had already managed to accumulate more than 40,000. However, in addition to downloads, the registration that users make before starting to use the app is also taken into account as the main one. It is something crucial since it implies the entry of that user in the Hero Baby database.

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The register vs. download rate in 2021 was over 40%. In other words, of those 90,000 downloads, more than 36,000 led to user registrations in the app. So far in 2022, the registration rate has grown ten points and is already close to 50%. On the other hand, regarding the average daily active usersat the beginning of 2021 it was 1,500, while in May 2022 it reaches even more than double, more than 3,000 active users per day. The average interaction time is greater than 10 minutes.

Image: Hero Baby

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