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At the risk of sounding like a broken record at this point, I feel compelled to insist on the great impact that are having in our environment. The progress they are experiencing is vertiginous, they are becoming more complex, more complete and more numerous. Many have already discovered the wonders and advantages of these tools, which serve a great purpose: to democratize design and image creation.

The latest great novelty in this field comes precisely from a tool that, without being an AI that generates images, has been contributing its grain of sand for some time now to make design accessible to everyone. We talk about Wepika free design and editing tool developed by the company from Malaga that has become the first non-professional image editor to integrate an image-generating AI.

This is how Wepik’s image-generating AI works

To create your designs, Wepik gives you direct access to the Freepik and Pexels image banks, and also includes the option of uploading an image from your device. Now, it has expanded the possibilities, by integrating the option to internally access an image-generating AI. Specifically, Wepik makes use of the Stable Diffusion model which, let us remember, is the one on which it is based .

By clicking on the AI ​​option, you can choose from a series of already generated images or create a under your own instructions. Likewise, parameters and description of default images can be modified. So they are a great option to start using the tool and understand what kind of descriptions and formulations work best.

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Some of the parameters that you can determine, both in your creations and in those that you modify, are:

  • Dimensions: The width and height of the image in pixels.
  • Number of images generated: the minimum is one and the maximum is four.
  • orientation scale: in theory, the higher the value, the more precise the design will be, although if it is given a very high value it can fail, so it is better to try values.

We must comment that the number of images you can generate in Wepik has limitations. Once you have reached a certain number of attempts, the tool does not allow you to continue and shows you a pop-up asking you to try again later. The good news is that this waiting time is not too longso after a while you can enjoy this AI again.

This is not Wepik’s first AI feature

Thanks to this incredible new functionality, anyone who wants to will have free access to an AI tool that generates images and, in addition, will be able to edit and create compositions in that same space. And it is precisely in the edition where Wepik had already begun to integrate artificial intelligence technology.

One of its most popular features is its “Background remover”, an automated tool that uses AI to create effects and vary the position of the layers of different objects or elements in the same image. Likewise, it is also possible to apply blurs, clipping masks or text insertions between an object and the background, for example.

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Image: generated in Wepik under the description «four elegant cats drinking tea and eating cookies, photorealistic»

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